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    Hello, with Pierre Films missing in action, the podcast series has been in the shadows for quite a while, I am running for Minister of Broadcasting, and have quite some ideas.

    What inspired you to run for Minister of Broadcasting?

    Since Pierre Films has suddenly left the face of the Earth, the podcasts were no longer available. I really enjoyed the podcasts, especially having ‘The Citizen of The Year’ on my iPod.
    I was very disappointed when the podcasts were not available. I realized Pierre Films really wasn’t up for the commitment, I then decided I could take the commitment, and here you see me with my campaign for Minister of Broadcasting.

    What changes and or ideas will you make?
    The Changes to the Ministry of Broadcasting I will make if elected are as followed:

    • I will resurrect the podcast by adding new episodes.[/*]
    • I will create a small panel of users in which we can decide on what films to be added to the podcast. [/*]
    • See 2. I will request a special forum in which only members of the panel can view and post in. That depends if Zane Eastwood agrees. If he/she does not agree, we will find some other way to communicate. Members in the panel will vary between 4-6 users. I will select mature users of to be in the panel.[/*]
    • Episodes will be added on a monthly or weekly basis; depends on if a film is chosen to be added in time.[/*]
    • With the help of Aled Owen as vice-minister, the official podcast website will be brought back to life.[/*]

    Skeptical idea(s)?

    I have an idea I am skeptical about:

    I separate films entered in a contest.
    For example, when FAR finishes up, I will make a podcast with all the entries to that contest.
    What do you, the community think about it?

    Closing statement

    With all that said, please choose me to be your Minister of Broadcasting.
    I welcome your thoughts, concerns, questions etc.

    Good luck with this term, others!

    I welcome your thoughts, concerns, questions etc.


    I like your platform. I think the separate podcast for contests is a great idea.
    I also like the panel of users to help you decide on films added to the podcast. So far, you have my support.

    -Stevie Collins ~ Candidate for Minister of Film Contests

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    Aled Owen

    You defiantly have my vote.


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    You have my vote so far.

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    Same here. You can haz my votes.


    Thank you, supporters.
    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask or point them out. I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

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    You’ve got a good campaign, Timothy. I’ve got some good competition. I like your idea about a panel of people to select films. I would have put something like that for my campaign, but I am confident in my ability to select outstanding films.

    As for your skeptical idea about adding all the FAR entries to the podcast, I feel that the podcast should only feature the best films from that contest. If it were me, I would add the winner, plus other films if I saw any that met my requirements. I would not add every single film from the contest. It wastes bandwith on the server, and it makes the podcast less exclusive.

    Good luck, Timothy. May the best man win.

    -Munzapoppa, Candidate for Minister of Broadcasting

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    Timothy, you’re a good person, and I like your plans. You have my vote.


    I don’t see why you are bothering now, but kudos to you anyhow.


    Again, thank you supporters, I can’t wait to make my planned changes true!

    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask or point them out.

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