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    2.8 mb
    divx 5.03

    well that’s it, it’s the trailer for Martian Gothic 3.

    Right click and save target as.

    Enjoy it :)

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    this is a nice squeaky-clean trailer. i hope you try to clean up your act by making wholesome films. do not tarnish your name by makin dark :D movies. :x like breaker nights and amsterdam. and stop the silly oversized joints.

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    very nicce dude highly anticipating this movie, it looks great! my only problem is when in the begging where someone says “wake up” and u can see that thereis a yellow dot taking place of the eye, i would suggest using like a black line, that makes it look a bit cleaner, but other wise great! BTW very nice cgi

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    Very cool cgi effects! The animation was pretty smooth in my opinion. :D
    Very good trailer, except a yellow dot taking place of the eye……
    Cant wait to see the movie, it looks to differ a bit from the other Martian Gothic films.

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    Did just what a trailer should, catch our eye without giving the story line away. Being a fan of the first 2, I am eagerly awaiting the 3rd.

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    Oh Yeah! Your animation has much improved, the cgi is great, I can hardly wait till the finished film :P

    One thing though, I must mention it, cause If I don’t someone else will, the voices could still use some work, although they are much better then they were in the previous films.

    Other then that, great job! It had a great ‘trailer feel’ to it, even more then mine did. ;)

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    Nice trailer, had a good ‘n creepy feel. :) (Thinks he should download parts 1 & 2…)


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    Mr. Less

    This film is probably going to be your best film yet!

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    I haven’t seen the first two MG movies. This one looks really great though.

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    Eeeeeew. His head blew up. :shock: Nice CGI. I also liked how the eyes opened. But still… poor innocent lego fig. :shock: :( :shock: :(
    Not seeing the real thing. I just plain don’t like violent stuff.


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