MindGame for Minister of Sound

Hello, fellow brickfilmers.

The time has come for my to step down as your current Minister of Film Resources, and while I have thus enjoyed the responsibility as minister, I feel that there are others worthy of taking my place.

However, I don't want to end my political career here, as I have had my eye on the position of Minister of Sound since it was started.

As a reference to what I am capable of, here is my sound library that I opened up close to a year ago. Unless otherwise stated, every sound in the library is originally created by me. Now with the recent addition of my Samson C01U condenser mic, my sounds will now be of higher recording quality.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a frequent member of Brickfilms, so there's no need to worry about the sound library become outdated of flooded with sound submissions.

Recently, I was given the honor of being nominated the BAMPA award for Best Sound Design. This shows that I have apparently have a good understanding in the composition and quality of sound, and as minister, I will apply this to what I accept and reject to the library. I've been a Junior Review Panelist for several months now, and I've never been afraid to reject films that I didn't consider to be of the quality to be in the directory. As minister, I will not be afraid to reject sounds that I don't consider to be worthy of being published in the Sound Library.

The Sound Library is a really great thing, and I'd like to take a moment to thank Jeffthedrummer and LowweeK for their admirable work. I'd also like to recognize Chosen1, it's current minister, for the good job he's done thus far. If elected, I will strive to work as hard as they have for this great resource.