Mini-Contest Thread *READ RULES FIRST*

Okay, this has been discussed but to my knowledge it hasn't been done yet.

[spoiler=Instructions/Rules]1. One person posts a mini animation contest (e.g. "Best Walk Cycle")
2. People make their films.
3. The original poster judges 1st, 2nd, 3rd and more if they so desire.
4. Then the winner posts another contest.
5. If a winner fails to post their contest within 24 hours the 2nd place person posts one and so on.
6. Once a contest is posted, the entrants have one month to make their clip.
7. You may include sound.
8. You may post your entry before the week is up.[/spoiler]

Have fun!

My contest is: "Best 30 Second Fight Scene!"

It can be under 30 seconds but that is the maximum.