miniFIG Trailer Competition

The miniFIG Trailer Competition

The objective of this sub-competition of FIG is to make a trailer for your film. The deadline is July 10, one week before the deadline of the FIG competition. The winner will receive a Brickfilms FIG DVD, donated by RevMen.

Judging will consist of a single pole, available only in the patrons forum. The poll will ask the readers, "Which trailer has you most excited to see its full length counterpart?" The poll will run from July 10th until July 16th, the day before the FIG deadline. The winner will be announced in an awards chat along with the rest of the FIG results. Any trailer which does not have a counterpart entered in the FIG competition will be disqualified. Trailers may not be publicly released until the dealine has passed.

Deadline: Midnight Pacific Standard Time on Monday, July 10, 2006

Film Requirements:

1) Trailers may not excede one minute in length. Remember, these trailers are for films that are less than ten minutes long.

2) All trailers must have a Real or Quicktime format available that is less than 3mb, though additional formats may be posted in the forums.

3) Since there is a possibility that these will be included on the DVD, all of the copyright/trademark rules that apply to FIG will apply to miniFIG


All entries must be received by midnight Pacific Standard Time on July 10th, 2006. The entry email must include the names of all directors involved with the film, their Brickfilms usernames (if they have one), and a working link to the film. Email entries to

If you need somewhere to upload your film, PM or Email me and I will give the name and password to an FTP account.

The Deadline has now passed, entries from the following members were received.

To Strive for Fame - MindGame
The Battle of Bjorn Ironside - Captain Bulldog.
Beast - Lord_of_the_Lego
Climb So High - Shale
Schlockstars - Dave
15 Minutes - acericardo
James Gnome - WRI-GO
The Curse - Lego Programmer
Edison - High Tower
Dino Crisis - Matt Gillan