Minister of Sound – My proposals.

At this time of writing I have NO party support, part of this thread is to gain the support of any interested parties.
It's early days yet, so keep checking back.

My plan:

The sound library has the potential to be successful, but it remains very inactive. Why?

- Inactive Staff - LowweeK and Jeffthedrummer are our current reviewers/administrators of this area, I have seen neither post in a few months, too submit sounds you have to email one of these two, the chance of getting a response regularly from these two is slim, leaving us without anyone to add any sounds we might like to submit.

- Lack of Publicity - To find the library I had to click resources and scroll down the page until finding a tiny link to the library (not exactly the thing you find easily if you're a newcomer). We have an outdated sticky about it or notification for new members who are the most likely to use the resource. Many of our newer members will not be motivated to do this, preferring to query more accessible websites or forums.

So how will I be an effective and suitable reviewer for the next few months?

The minister position is not a posistion for site programming, it is a posistion for directing things and convincing members to submit sounds. Because technically the library's fine, the search feature works, and the server automatically converts files to .flac and ogg (see but we do need motivation. I will implement a more active series of reviewers (up to 5) into the library so new sounds actually do get submitted on a regular basis.

These reviewers will take the place of Lowweek and Jeffthedrummer, by being a review panel, will be more active, and helpful towards members looking to submit sounds. They and myself will be responsible for making the library more well known with easier access from the main page.

Advertising would involve contacting members who have shown potential in sound to submit sounds to a library they may not know about, making a banner campaign, and making guides for new members who have no prior knowledge to sounds.

The only modification I am thinking of implementing would be an easier submission system much like the film directory's. The main problem here is motivating users and curating.

Overall I think my social skills and fresh blood will be able to give new life to the hibernating library. The only thing needed is happier more active people like myself.

"Schlaeps" wrote: Do you have any plans for new features?

Are you suggesting getting new sound curators in addition to yourself? If so, who?

A medium sized crew means more sounds with minimal confusion. I'm thinking those who are interested in the use of sound libraries. This would probably include people like Mindgame, Rolz, and Chosen1 who have experience in sound and publicity (if they were interested). At the moment I feel the features do not need improving only that the sound library needs revitalizing.

"Littlebrick" wrote: Would you change how sounds are submitted? If so, how would it be different?

Not at the moment, we need reviewers too make sure things are copyright free (we don't want people submitting whatever they want). My position is to mainly motivate people rather than worrying about minor technicalities.

Any questions? Just post below.