Minister of Sound – some thoughts

Since I designed the sound library from the ground up, and will probably be the one implementing changes to it, I have a more than average interest in this election.

Let me start by quoting myself from this topic.

"Stefan" wrote: Two important issues resulted in the creation of the library:

1) Copyright issues. Every sound in our library comes with a very clear statement making it clear how you are allowed to use it. This means you can use the sounds in your brickfilm without risk of being disqualified from a contest.

2) Quality. Most sounds on the internet are quite bad (take as an example. If you restrict your search to a decent sampling rate, almost no results remain). In the library we only accept sounds that were recorded with excellent equipment.

Most members are simply not able to provide sounds meeting both demands. To ensure that these demands are met, we appointed two curators with a lot of experience in sound recording.

Let me make clear that the purpose of this ministry is to get the system running again, not to overhaul it completely. Small changes in the process might be implemented if they make sense, but the above two design requirements should be kept in mind at all times. The ideal curator has the following qualifications:

  • Experience in the creation and recording of sounds and music[/*]
  • The nerve to reject sounds that do not meet the standards we set[/*]
  • Knowledge of sound file formats[/*]
  • Some technical agility. At the very least the ability to work with FTP, and in case of glitches of the automated system the ability to convert files manually[/*]
  • Some working knowledge of copyright licenses (particularly Creative Commons ones), and the ability to judge submissions for adherence to copyright law.[/*]

That's a lot to ask for, and I know there are not many people meeting these demands. So please, seriously consider if you want this rather demanding job: it will cost you time and you will get very little personal reward out of it.

As for the, currently only, pronounced possible candidate:

"Monko" wrote: I've had interesting ideas posted in the site redesign that are realistic and useful and feel I could organise a manageable structure and system to have sounds quickly submitted.
I am unable to find them. Kindly provide links. Also, read the post I linked to above thoroughly before making any new suggestions.