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    First off, thanks a ton to anyone who can help me with this great dilemma. All our films are done on a Mac, so, all the completed files are .mov for QT. I for one, hate QT and know alot of people don’t like it. I would like more people to see our films so thought perhaps converting it to another format would be good. Does anyone know a good program that does this? Preferrably a free one. I was just going to download all the movies in .mov format here to my home PC and then change it with a program. Thanks again for any help.

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    Bob Page

    I don’t hate QT and I use a pc :) Feel free to upload them in QT format 😀

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    Brian of Gep

    I’m sorry to say that I have no experience with .mov files (Though I enjoy watching them! :) ), but with a quick search on Google and found this freeware program called Rad Video Tools.

    Here is a tutorial.

    This program is for PC, and I’m assuming you have access to one,
    but if not… Sorry, someone else will have to help you.

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    Sweet thanks. It says it works with QT 5 stuff so I might have to change my compression settings slightly to get it to work(on the Mac end of things) but should be no problem. I try it and tell you how it works later. Thanks alot. And Bob, I will still upload the QTs(as I have) but I thought it better to have a wider variety.

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    I love QT. It’s the prefered player. Why do you think all the movie trailers are initially released in quicktime format?

    But, to answer your question: I believe DivX works a lot better with Macs now. It may just be the player that works, but hopefully you can download both the DivX player and codecs. That’s your only direct option I believe.

    You could also look in the FAQ. There’s a section on converting media types. A few of them are QT to AVI, I believe. These programs may not work on Macs, however, so you would have to send the QT version to someone with a PC, who can then convert it.


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    Ok thanks, I have to check the FAQ again. I have the files on my PC at home, we just work on the films themselves on a Mac. I just dont like QT because it never runs right with my system.

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    I personally love QT .mov format. Especially with the new QT6 mpeg-4 codec. Quality and size of movies is the same as DivX (because the codec is virtually identical)
    Also, The new DivX QT decoder plug-ins for mac are working better than ever, and I hardly ever have problems viewing divx .avi’s anymore.

    But, if you really want to work with another format, try using “Real Producer” The basic version is a free download. It will convert QT .mov files into RealMedia .RM files. Only problem is, It is OS9 only. I don’t know of a similar OSX product.

    LINK: … cer85.html

    good luck!

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    I love quicktime! A player without all the “extras” that RealOne and (to a lesser extent) Windows Media Player come with, the best way of integrating a film with a website, and quite a reasonable picture quality.

    The only reason my films are not released in QuickTime format, is that I don’t have an encoder that can encode audio as well.

    Before you all start responding:
    1) I have a pc.
    2) I don’t want to pay for QuickTime Pro.


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    Well, the tool that Brian mentioned DOES seem to work(though I needed a new codec for DivX) but it also puts the companies name in big white font at the top and bottom of the screen. im going to see if i can find a way around this

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    Brian of Gep



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