Music Composer Needed!

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    I need a slow sad song, that gets evil near the end, and then happy, for my movie Horse In The Iron Mask.


    What of a good-at-heart horse whom’s master is a being with no soul. The Horse hates him, but cannot do anything about it. When ever he makes his owner mad, he beats the horse, then locks his face in the prison of an Iron Mask. “Cruelties may only be punished, by the one whom thy was cruel to.”, That quote is shown the truth when the horse finally gives him the ultimate punishement. Death.

    Dont make the song until I send you the silent version of the film.


    I may be able to do it for you. What kind of music, modern rock, orchestral, jazz. let me know, I might do it.


    hey willy what do u use 2 make ur music (like the cool music in Ed and Phil)

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    Ever think about looking for something here:

    Lots of ‘freeware’ loops from very short to minutes can be found in different categories.

    It’s been linked here before by rstudios I believe and is very useful.





    “mutant poodle” wrote: (like the cool music in Ed and Phil)

    Thanks :D

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    but um, Im going to animate the movie, then send the silent version to you, and you can decide what kind of music, but if youve ever heard Radioheads “Talk Show Host” , or seen Romeo+Juliet, at the part at Sycamore Grove, that’s the song I got my inspiration.


    i have never heard those songs, but i assume you mean modern rock style sad music. am i right? if it is modern rock style sad, i should easily be able to do that.

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    willy, Im starting the shoot today, youl have the movie, with the dialogue and sound effects on it, then send me the song after youve made it.

    And, and his first appearance in a movie, Director and Owner of Sigmaphi Entertainment, Ant Bender, plays this characters first appearance, as Anthony the Gunslinger, and will be in many more movies, including a film called “Anthony the Gunslinger” Here he is, the one with the shortest part in The Horse In The Iron Mask, and the Hero Ant the Gunslinger


    when should i expect to get this movie, and how?

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