My 1st Movie-Zombie Attack (new low-band version)

Update: Scroll down a bit - I added a low-bandwidth .WMV version of the file

Hey all,

After lurking for ages I finally got off my backside and made a brickfilm - "Zombie Attack". It's 5.5 mins long, needs DivX 5.0.3 or higher and is 20Mb in it's current form.

It was created for the Breakpoint 2003 Demo Scene party in Germany where it came 9th in the Wild Demo compo - which I was royally chuffed with.

So here you go take 2 weeks work, one DV camcorder, some poor lighting, booze and a desire to make a cheesy horror/comedy and check it out here : ... attack.avi

the wmv version (only 3.5Mb but the quality suffers) is here: ... attack.wmv



btw - I know there are a few lighting and camera issues :) I really need to get a proper workspace ...