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    I finaly uploaded my first movie Bruce.
    Its a parody of a couple of movies.
    It was more of an experiment so dont try to understand the story to much.
    There are many error in the movie, i know, but anyway heres the link:

    Maybe somebody likes it.


    Edit: i changed spoofs into errors

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    np i am open for all reviews comments :)

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    I think the German titles went by pretty quickly, even for someone who understands German.

    From what I could make out, the really funny parts of the film are in these titles. I love the “1 year later” part!

    Further, it is just a string of cliché-scenes strung together. Not unfunny, but mostly not my type of humour.

    Animation-wise, the framerate could be improved, and the lightsabers looked pasted onto the scene, mostly because the scene was dark and the sabers extremely bright.

    Don’t be put down by these comments: for a first movie you’ve come a long way. Well done!


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    Thanks for your review.

    Yeah it was really my first movie, it just felt like doing something like that.
    I am trying pretty much different things where i can be creative.
    Perhaps thats my first and last lego stopmotion movie i dont know.
    The story is kinda wierd i know its just here to keep the scenes together.

    The first stopmotion scene i ever did was the scenes after “1 year later” then ive done the blade scene and then the final war.

    I know that i did many errors (sorry i missused the word in my first movie as error).

    Btw. i think the movie is better when you understand german.

    And there are many insider spoofs that you couldnt understand.

    Well i thank you for your review.

Viewing 3 replies - 11 through 13 (of 13 total)

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