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    no offense i never said that you said it was bad.
    sorry but you missunderstood me.

    I thank you for reviewing my film and i have no problem with your (or anyones) opinion.

    But i think for a first movie it wasnt bad (it was the first time i ever did something with stopmotion and/or legomovies)

    it was just my opinion no reference to your post or so.

    peace :wink



    I felt it a bit confusing to watch it, and hard to follow what realy the point in this was. BUT!
    I liked the spoof stuff, i think that this is what makes the movie interesting to watch.
    I love the title font which it directly “stolen” form :Blade: as aslo the :New Line Cinema: intro.

    The swearing and all other voilent content didn’t bother me, but it didn’t make you movie look realistic or what ever.
    The voices where pretty hard to understand. i was glad that you’ve got a translation which was also done by half.

    As this is your first lego animation movie I think you’ve done a nice job, which will lead you “probably” to go on with this and improve your skills.

    Keep up the good work, and never think that nobody don’t likes you work.



    “Ghostface” wrote: Btw. i like how the vampires are dieing 🙂

    Indeed! That was a neat trick. Close to the original, even. Forgot to mention that.




    hehe 8)



    Ya it was, by the way, how`d ya do the star wars beginging and the lightsabers How did you make the vampires die like that anyway

    P.S my keyboard is screwy right now and I need to check what my question marks look like on a post ÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉ If they look like E`s than I have no idea why. If they look like question marks then I look like an idiot.



    i see lots of É’s

    I did the Starwars beginning with Adobe After Effects and the Lightsaber and Vampire effects with corel photopaint (frame per frame editing)

Viewing 6 posts - 11 through 16 (of 16 total)

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