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    It wasn’t just a guy…it was Silent Bob. Bluntman was based upon the character of Silent Bob. Jay and Silent Bob have appeared in all of Kevin Smith’s movies. Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.



    And if you are a really big fan of Kevin Smith you’d notice that laugh is from “jungle love”, the song Jay and Silent Bob “based” their lives off of…

    I was wondering, to those who might be able to answer this:
    How long is it before a test is a short? Like a minute? 30 seconds? What?


    According to the directory, a short is 1-5 minutes, and a quickie is less than 60sec….but I think a short is any film that doesnt take a long time to watch. Don’t worry about them. You said it yourself,

    because it only takes a little time to load). Thats also why I called it a short.

    Works for me 8)



    That made so much sense I could eat a hog

    That was okay except that the last frame played too long and it didn’t make any sense(to me anyway)



    here are my .02
    The “short” was in my taste to short” to tell if your animation skills are good or not, from the most i could tell it looks like you skills were good.
    But i still can not completley tell. It was also to fast, try a framerate like 15…its the genaral one most of us here use. Also i reccomend you getting a better bulb if you can, a ge reveal works best for me it will reduce the yellow in your film.



    The “short” was a little too short. I couldn’t really tell what was going on. But animation wise, it was good.



    Please don’t post every single test you make… Way too short to tell about much of anything. Except that it was a nice Blunt-fig. Where do you get the Bluntman head? That is the third time I’ve seen the head!

Viewing 7 posts - 11 through 17 (of 17 total)

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