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    Well, I thought I’d share my first test!
    Its just my blind guy, named Guy, walking(rather taking a few steps…), Guy will be in one of my soon to come films! :D

    Here is the link: … alking.wmv

    (I hope the link works, other wise ya’ll have to wait til its public)

    Thanx for looking!

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    Nice looking test, by the way, did you paint on that face to get the sunglasses for guy? Good for a start.


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    Well, seeing that I had too many Harry Potters, I slightly moddified a few, so now I have a slender guy and a blind guy (Guy). So the answer to your question would be:

    1) I removed “Harry”‘s scar
    2) Sharpied in black sunglasses
    3) Picked an outfit!

    And thats how you can make oyur very own Guy!

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    It would have been good if you should have had him at least walk 5 steps. It was to hard to judge in such a short clip.

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    Well, I would have made it longer, but I was just seeing if my Digicam could make a film (Clip)…

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    It had looked better if he moved his “blindstaff” along the ground and not pointed it straight foreward. It’s that it’s going to look like. Right?

    It was very short so it was hard to get an impression of your walkingtecknique.

    The house moved. Tape it down!

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    Good for a start :D . But I would suggest you ( as minifigstudios already said ) to keep the walls steady. Also I would suggest you to film on a higher framerate. But for a start, it was good :D

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    impressive. this was inspirational for my brain. in other words it was gravy for the brain. nice custom figs

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    Great for a first! Could’ve been better,but good enough. 8)

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    minifigstudios-Its Guys special way of walking with his cane, my figs have special attributes, which, in the future, will make me more known.

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