My goals for Film Ratings

Film ratings at this moment in time are basic. More people are wishing that they could review films so that they would have more to think about and consider when they're rating the film in question.

I'll spare you any more reading, and instead present an example or two of what I would work on establishing if I'm elected for this important part of the community.

This is how I see things progressing, and this is what I want to do. It's all open to user opinion, and the input of the Minister of Film Review, who I would be working in correlation with.

Sample of my ideas for the main film page.

Sample of the ratings rubric I would like to incorporate.

Both of those are by no means final. I want to gather ideas that would help improve it, and at the moment I'm refining the wording on those rubric descriptions. When I'm done with it, it will be two easy to read sentences for each rating.

The way I see it, having an established point of reference for every rating will help to iron out all the confusion and irregularity in the ratings. This way, everyone is basing their ratings off of the same source, which will help to moderate the resulting ratings.

What I've experienced through talking with a selection of directors from up and down the range, some newer directors who are proud of their work will rate according to their own films. And so if there is a film that they consider to be just a little better than theirs, they'll rate it fairly high because their point of reference is their own film. No matter how mediocre. My rubric system will help to solve that problem, and will help new raters create a slightly more correct and unbiased frame of reference for their decisions on rating.

I want to not only make rating an easy and effective part of the film directory, but make it more involving. Rating should feel very close to reviewing in the mind of the user, they should feel that their rating will make a difference. A little bit to read is a perfect way to let people feel more involved. They have a chance to think about the rating they're giving, and they'll then understand how much they actually enjoyed a film.

I don't want to take away people's privacy by trying to install a 'Who rated what?' feature. People have the right to rate a film poorly without being chased down because of it. And there are people who take advantage of it, that's their own fault for being jealous or annoyed, or whatever emotions are running through their minds. But there are more people who rush through ratings without having a chance to think about what they're putting in, and people who don't have a frame of reference for what they're rating, so they just base it off of the last good film they saw. Sometimes this turns out bad for the film in question, sometimes it turns out good. It should always turn out truthful. I want to try and get the truth out of people who aren't sure how to express it. Ease of understanding about what they're doing will lead to more confidence about what they're doing. There should be no film that is hard to rate. All it takes it a good point of reference, and thats what I'm taking the time to try and create for the users.

The above are just the beta versions of what I hope will become a truly unique and involving rating experience! Yet this will only happen if I manage to earn your vote. And I really want to be able to do that.

I'm still awaiting a final verdict on who will be nominating me, but that will most likely be resolved in the next few hours.

If you have any questions about what I want to do, please feel free to ask! I'll try to answer whatever I can as detailed as possible. Just remember, I'm on here nearly 12 hours a day. This is my passion, Brickfilms is my online home. I want to do whatever I can to help it grow and flourish in the time after these elections, because while I love this site, I know it can be even better in the future.