My Third Movie!

I'm proud to anounce the realease of my third movie!

*Link Removed*

:D :D :D

The famous Y.M.C.A. song is now the theme of this shakin' groovin' musical about a young man and his six new friends!

Those six men happen to be... THE BRICKLAND PEOPLE! :lol:

I'm very proud of this movie. It took me considerably longer time to make than my other movies, even though some scenes were reapeated.

:D :D :D

Now, as for quality...

Lighting: Better, but some flickering in the beginning. Other than that, the lighting is very consistant.

Camera Work: I illimated the camera shaking using JamesFM's Custom Quickcam 4k Cradle. This also allowed me to get down to the minifigs level. Thanks James!

Animation: Not as smooth as other movies, but well suited to the music.

Plot: Not much of a plot, although VERY funny in my opinion. Just wait untill you see Joe spinning around on his butt and doing the Worm. The Motorcycle guy really DOES have a motorcycle. People Playing Ping-Pong Procariusly (Say that ten times fast) And all of em' like to groooooove!

Watch it, tell me what you think, and most of all, ENJOY IT! Watch the first time for the fun of it, and the second time so you can rate it.

:D :D :D