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March 15, 2006 at 6:38 pm #171061
Avatar of clemcham

Wow this is going to be awefully difficult to judge. (Not sure we’ve got all the films in, but what we’ve have are just great.)
Anyway we’re going to invest in a bottle of good red wine and have a judging shortly.
We are just blown away by the films

March 15, 2006 at 8:37 pm #171095
Avatar of plucky

I just wanted to say thanks for having this contest, and feeling like you could actually put that much money up for it! I hope you’ll think it was worth it when all is said and done! Without this contest, it would probably be another year before we started on our first movie!

plucky – (not) eagerly awaiting the decision ;)

March 16, 2006 at 3:43 am #171202
Avatar of Nosniborus

Yes, thanks for doing this, clemcham!


March 16, 2006 at 3:46 am #171205
Avatar of RevMen

Without this contest, it would probably be another year before we started on our first movie!

The same can be said for me. I’m very grateful that this thing motivated me to dust off the animation gear and actually complete a project.

March 16, 2006 at 3:56 am #171207
Avatar of Littlebrick

This contest mtivated me to do a film too. I had been going on a streak of unfinished films until I did my entry. Thanks! :)

March 16, 2006 at 4:07 am #171209
Avatar of Shale

Thanks from me, too! Previously I’ve only done 10fps films and a bunch of 15fps tests, and this motivated me to do my first film with 15fps. Personally I’d always wanted to try my hand at a music video and this really gave me the incentive. Thanks again, Clencham! :applause:

March 16, 2006 at 4:24 am #171211
Avatar of Captain Bulldog
Captain Bulldog

I was working on the audio for a different short, but I couldn’t let this contest slip by, so I put the other short on hold for about a month and a half and HAD to particapate. Thanks for an interesting contest. :party:

March 16, 2006 at 4:57 am #171216
Avatar of TwoBit

I put the other short on hold for about a month

I was also working on another film when I read about the contest. I had finished over a minute and a half on my film. I put it on hold, because I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to make something for this contest. Besides, I’ve always enjoyed electronica music.

March 16, 2006 at 12:16 pm #171264
Avatar of clemcham

OK we’ve decided to do the judging viewing on the weekend and then contact Josh with our decission.
This is really tough because it seems unkind to choose the ‘best’ when there all so cool and it feels mean of us to say x is prefered over y.
There not one film that hasn’t made us grin like goons and laugh out loud.
Anyway we know we have to bite the bullet!

March 18, 2006 at 12:55 am #171585
Avatar of RevMen

OK, the results are in!

“Nadine and Charlie” wrote: There was not one film that didn’t make us laugh out loud. While the qualities of each video were different it was clear that they are all made with a lot of enthusiasm and love. They are all great to watch.
It has been amazingly difficult to judge them but in the end we had to plump for the one we think will be the most likely to get on the TV. There was only 4 points in it for the top 5. We loved them all and even if you didn’t win a prize we’d still like to use your video for promoting us because they all have unique qualities and there are special films outside the top 3.

How we judged them was across 5 criteria as follows;
Story, Animation, Funkiness, Video quality and Filmic qualities.

Each category was equally weighted

The winners in reverse order are:

Iron Brick 3rd place OK it’s the Brussels that won it bronze. That was
overwhelmingly funny for a Brit.

Little brick. 2rd place. A hilarious tales of Sex, lines and video tape.
Special commendation for story and humour

The grand prize goes to Bulldog: An incredibly lush tale of Nadine and Charlie on the island of terror. It had guns, chicks and cheese; perfect for MTV and late night TV. The smoothness from start to finish just pips the competition.

Special mention and tragedy.
Brett and Alan Would have been in the prizes for their ingenious film but sadly for the ‘scrutinering’ decided it was ‘live action’ not ‘stop motion’ so the film was disqualified before the medal ceremony. Sheesh what a tough break.

We wanted all the top five to win and we kept doing a recount and reevaluation but it kept coming out the same. The films were just so close to each other in combined quality.

Honorary mentions.
Nosniboros and Revman: Most scary scene (brick forest)
Two bit: Best use of violence against an endangered species
Shale. Most use of robot arms
Deacon blue: Best use of psychedelic effects
Wriggo: Best celebrity appearance (Patrick Stewart)

General comments (in no particular order)

Wriggo. Basic Instinct
Had definite pop video feel. Who is the ugly dude in black. Looks like Jean Luc Piccard from Star Trek! Made us laugh Why does the car run down our hero? The world needs to know.

Iron Brick. Signs of life.
Wow! Very filmic. Lots of swooping. Lots of special effects. Lots of vegetables! This film nearly made several people die laughing including us. Love the pilots shake and the guy from Supergrass with the missile. All this and a happy ending!

Shale. System reboot
Oooh cute robots, particularly liked the circular one with lots of arms! Nice lighting and animation. Funny but also a little spooky which nicely catches the mood of the song. Nice spot effects on the animation. It was cool to see the bands artwork in use.

Two bit. Basic instinct
Made us laugh. Whats with the monkey? Well it’s a bit harsh to go after the guy with a samari sword just for stealing your final. Nice sharp picture and funky and funny. Nice crowd dancing. Still feeling sorry for the monkeys, what is it with them to risk death like that?

Little brick. Just push play.
Wow! What a hoot. Nice sync with the song. Nice animation and camera movement. Really funny to boot with a story that was simple enough to get first time from start to finish. I can see this on TV. Outstanding work.

Brett and Alan. Signs of life.
Incredibly inventive. What a fantastic idea to make to videos for the price of one. Very filmic and varied. These films were packed with humor and beautiful touches. Such a lot of lovely details and effects. George Lucas better watch out.

Nosiborous and Rev Men. System Reboot.
Beautiful cinematography. Lovely video quality. Nice story, though we’re not sure exactly what is going on, but it feels meaningful. Speed up effect is very effective and the crowding in moment in the forest is a real show stopper… argh scary. Nice sync up with the rhythm. Were glad the last robot didn’t jump! Very atmospheric video.

Deacon Blues. Basic Instinct
Funky King Tut and his skeletons take on the tomb robbers. Lots of colorful video effects and interesting scene cutting techniques. Certainly a video to watch with mushrooms to hand. Quite surreal and hypnotic and a happy ending to boot!!

Bulldog. Signs of life.
Really complex film packed full of detail. Jonny Depp could be out of a job here. Clever background idea and a clear plot. What exactly are we doing on this bad ass island. Pretty much every element is top class, top lighting, nice sets, complexity, lots of slaying going on, this is a smooth film.

We’d like to thank Josh for running the competition and we’d like to congratulate him on running a fantastic site.

The Brick Film community is awesome!

March 18, 2006 at 3:06 am #171611
Avatar of Tim

Very unexpected. interesting choice of winners. I applaud Nadine and charlie for not choosing the film that had the best visual elements and technical quality. I’m off to watch the winning films. Congratulations

March 18, 2006 at 4:24 am #171625
Avatar of Nosniborus

“Timboh56″ wrote: Very unexpected. interesting choice of winners. I applaud Nadine and charlie for not choosing the film that had the best visual elements and technical quality.

They didn’t try to be weird, they chose the one they liked the best.
Congrats, Bulldog, and the other winners!
Thanks again for putting on the contest, Nadine & Charlie.


March 18, 2006 at 4:57 am #171636
Avatar of An Old Ore
An Old Ore

Congratulations to the winners and well done to all the entrants.

Just to be picky, all involved (meaning Nadine & Charlie + the winners) may want to get a proper release signed (on paper) so that N&C can use the clips in promoting their music.

March 18, 2006 at 6:08 am #171652
Avatar of plucky

OK, I had to laugh because, after watching all of the videos, and picking RevMen and Nos as the winner, I actually hadn’t even seen the one that won!

It got added to long after the announcement was made, so I didn’t even know it existed until I read the winners list! Talk about a surprise win ;)

Congratulations to all the winners, there was definitely some good stuff in there!
Hopefully we’ll actually get the ‘studio’ set up and then can actually make some REAL Stop-Mo films.

The only thing I’m dissapointed in is that nobody mentioned our ‘brown-nosing’ shot of the Sky Spy cover (I’m guessing that’s the Japanese release?) ;)

Congrats again to the winners, and Nadine and Charlie, remember us when you make your first Million!


March 18, 2006 at 9:08 pm #171779
Avatar of Captain Bulldog
Captain Bulldog

I won? Awesome! Now I’ll be able to get a portable DVD player! I would like to congratulated the other winners, Littlebrick and Iron Brick. A great contest, Nadine and Charlie. Thanks again! :mrgreen: :woo :mrgreen:

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