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    Well, I’m in. 😀

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    I may enter.

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    Super Cameraman

    “RevMen” wrote: Sammy, I would urge you to consider making a film for this. Making a music video is a great way to get started in brickfilming. You don’t have to worry about voices, sound effects, or choosing music, and the exact length of your film is already decided for you.

    That’s how I started! And it was actually kinda good! I find music videos easy because you don’t need a story! (Usually) (Okay that was a lie)

    March 12… Hmmm I’m really in the mood for a music video!

    And 345 bucks!

    Super Cameraman

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    Yes, please make another film, RevMen. 🙂

    -Nos, interested himself, and eyeing Proto . . . :eyebrow:

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    Maybe… I could use the cash….


    This seems interesting…

    I might consider entering it. I need to start animating once again.

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    RP Hoogle

    I will do an entry for this It is a great contest $_$ 😀
    It’s not my kind of Music
    But it is somthing to get me animating

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    Guy With Funny Hat

    I haven’t been around long but this looks like a great competition to get me started so I’ll try to enter. 🙂 (And thanks for encouraging Sammy to enter Revmen – i was thinking the same thing as him.)

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    Mr. Less

    I’m in.

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    Yeah I’m entering, and I’m going to BEAT YOU ALL TOO

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 166 total)

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