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    I might enter. I’ve already bagged my TLC entry, and I sorta need to redeem myself to…myself. I’m liking “Safe,” but I’ll have to look at the other songs.

    Would it be possible to find the lyrics to the songs? It’s kind of hard to hear what they are saying.


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    Some of the newer brickfilmers like SammyJim and that Guy with the Funny Hat might wish to consider pooling their efforts. A music video can easily be split into multiple parts (a storyline, the band “in concert”, abstract psychodelia, etc) which different animators could do separately and the differences in Legos, cameras, and even techniques would not be as objectionable as it might in a “movie”.

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    That’s a great idea, saulgoode.

    I’ll work on getting lyrics.

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    This looks promising, I have always wanted to enter a contest for brickfilming.
    I think I’ll be in. Oh and revmen please enter. It’ll be cool to see another film by you.

    Are we allowed to team up with another person? Not that I want to but is the option there?


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    “RevMen” wrote: …I’ll work on getting lyrics.

    Yes, that would be good for those entering. Saves lots of time trying to figure them out and risk getting them wrong.


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    Super Cameraman

    Hey chosen1, wanna be in my “group”? I really want to work with someone. Anyone who wants to join me can but I have my preferences.

    Super Cameraman

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    If I only had a better camera… Sigh.

    I may enter anyways, depends if I’m swamped or not.

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    Sorry Super cameraman but no thanks. Maybe some other time okay?


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    I’ve really been wanting to do a music video. Seems like the perfect chance.

    And the perfect motivation…..

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    the music is weird, no offense, but it’s kind of hard to make a brickfilm music video out of that type of music. I guess it’s PE’s type of contest.

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 166 total)

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