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    I just joined this site, and was just introducing myself. I have done brickfilms before, and quit a long time ago. Now I am coming back. I am a member of and have been a “director” for a while now. I am an editor, and SFX “artist”. I am quite young though, 14 in a few months.

    I am just excited to join, and learn from you brick filmers. I hope that I may be a important aspect to this community, and that I may be able to give you guys something as well. I would like to “meet” all of you, and the staff/crew. I hope that I can re-familar myself with stop-motion, and get back into the game.

    In the next few days I hope you guys don’t mind me asking questions.

    P.S. Get AlamDV2, and Chromanator from, you will be greatly pleased!



    Mr. Less

    Yo Nathan! Actually, you are not by all means that young here, there are some that are alot younger. Be sure to look in the faq and the almighty resource section before asking questions!



    Hi Nathan,
    Yes Alamdv2 is a cool program, but i perfer the GIMP 🙂
    and its free too


    Brian of Gep

    Agreed – The GIMP is teh r0x0r.

    Speaking of which, I’m doing a (school) project in it right now.

    Speaking of that… Anyone happen to have any large (640×480+) images of Kim Jong-Il?




    Yeah, I have looked to the resorces, and have found glory.
    Everything looks great. I’ll post my first “movie” when I finish. Thank you guys.


    Gimp eh…I’ll look. Thanks!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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