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July 4, 2003 at 4:12 pm #7193
Avatar of thedarksideoflego

Hi, myself and the Spikecofilms have been secretly planig a series about mcdonalds Called “Behind the Golden Arches” Now this story will be a humourous documentary that will make fun of mcdonalds. Upon telling my parents about it they told me there is possibility of lawsuits against myself and my team, now first off i would take all the lawsuits to myself if so it happened to protect the others, but do you think it is possible, The film will make no money, but will distictivly make fun of them, and possibily humiliate them with some true/untrue fact. Any information you can give will be greatly accepted.

EDIT: ‘m really anxious to do this film, this idea was originally made up by Benbrickstudios for the team, but we dont want to go through if we’ll be taking heavy fire, though i really wouldnt mind a lawsuit from mcdonalds, it would get some great publicity for brickfilms, and i would probably win if i’m thinking right… :twisted:

Chris and the Spikecofilms team.

July 4, 2003 at 4:23 pm #7194
Avatar of Shootin Bricks
Shootin Bricks

Don’t use the McDonalds name or any of it’s trademarks. Parody them instead. As long as people know who you mean without you actually having to say it, you’re good.

There is a chance that if you are particularly vicous or start a nasty rumor that somehow effects their sales, they could come after you for that.

July 4, 2003 at 4:25 pm #7195
Avatar of

How old are you? If you are under 16, then no-one can sue you!

You are un-sueable if under 16.
If over, use Mc. Ronalds or Mc. Ponalds or something…you could even use Mc. Pratts!

July 4, 2003 at 4:50 pm #7197
Avatar of strongest of the weak
strongest of the weak

But they can still sue your family, your parents….and I don’t think your parents would like that too much. And how would McDonalds get a hold of this? I don’t think they would take offence to a lego film some kids made. I say do it, change nothing. Plus, all the people I know who work at McDonalds all agree it sucks.

July 4, 2003 at 5:24 pm #7199
Avatar of X

Need some inside info?????
I work there……..
lets just say what you see as the golden arches are more of the mordors gates on my side of em…………..

July 4, 2003 at 5:24 pm #7200
Avatar of thedarksideoflego

they got ahold of Ben B’s film “Girl” things go around dude, they do really. And yes weirdears they can sue your parents or they could just wait till Feb. next year. I’m not sure exactly what, Doug’s idea sounds good but i may go another way, because it would seem a bit strange for us to call it something diffrent the whole time and with some of the shots and ideas we have it would mess it up. Any more comments?

And yes Xero, i know what your talkin bout, i know plenty of people, the microwaves, all that stuff, but I can see what your talking about.

July 4, 2003 at 5:27 pm #7201
Avatar of X

“WeirdEars” wrote: Mc. Prats!

Add one T to the end of Prat and i’ll sue you for Dishonoring my family name………..(or ill send my team of crack samuri monkeys to kill you with bannana nunchuku……..)

oh fyi……
there is a such thing as freedom of speech and media………
they cant touch you……….
it’s unconstitutional……….

July 4, 2003 at 5:33 pm #7202
Avatar of thedarksideoflego

hehe, i didnt read all of weirdears post, just laughed at him, hehe, but your gonna have to ask rev or yolego to borrow the monkeys… but lets not go off topic guys, back on topic, yes thats what im saying, i wont make any money, and i mean, it is freedom of speech, but one thing i wonder is about internationalness, since i mean it is , since anyone around the world could see it…

July 4, 2003 at 8:17 pm #7210
Avatar of Stefan

Well… there is “free speech”, but there’s not “free lies”. If you make serious accusations to a brand, and these are not based on facts, this brand can claim any damage on you.

Now, I can’t see how you’re going to harm McDrek in any way, but you’d better avoid mentioning the name. “Behind the golden arches” would, in my opinion, be fair enough.

Don’t take this as legal advice: I’m not an attorney or anything, and I don’t even live in America.


In the seventies, a Dutch TV show showed an exploding bottle of lemonade. The brand name “Exota” was mentioned twice, and the company went bankrupt.

Years later, it was revealed that the TV show shot a bullet through it. 25 years of lawsuit followed, and the broadcasters now have to pay 1.8 million dollar to the former owners of the Exota company.


July 4, 2003 at 9:02 pm #7215
Avatar of Cometgreen

Follow Doug’s advice. Use a similar, made up name. Will they sue you if you use “McDonalds”? Probably not, but there’s still the chance. It’s much better to play it safe, and imo, it’s usually much funnier if you imply “McDonalds does such and such” then actually saying “McDonalds does such and such.”


July 4, 2003 at 10:00 pm #7219
Avatar of Elpee

could you not just use the McDonalds name but have a Disclaimer at the end saying something along the lines of “This movie is made just for fun and the facts in it are made up and are no to be taken seriously”?
But it could also be humorous to use a different name like McRonalds or something… and have Donald McRonald instead :wink And you could have made up names for their burgers and stuff too like “McFatty” or something.


July 4, 2003 at 10:45 pm #7221
Avatar of Cometgreen

But it could also be humorous to use a different name like McRonalds or something… and have Donald McRonald instead And you could have made up names for their burgers and stuff too like “McFatty” or something.

Yeah, that’s what I mean. Which is funnier:

“McDonald’s Big Mac hamburgers contain a lot of fat.”


“MacRonald’s McStroke hamburgers contain a lot of fat.”


July 5, 2003 at 12:52 am #7230
Avatar of Blunty

Advice from the desk of Bluntman;
call the place Wackdonalds, use an inverted “golden arches” M for the W, (bevis and buthead work at Burger Workd, where the W does resemble the classic “golden arces” in an inverted form) change the names of the Burgers (believe it or not, Big Mac is a registered trademark)
“mmmm I’ll have a large Big Wack meal please, no ice in my cola-arroximation drink please”, and make sure you PARODY maccas, not just flat out attack them.
should keep you safe enough.

July 5, 2003 at 1:35 am #7231
Avatar of Drunken Farmer Ben
Drunken Farmer Ben

“WeirdEars” wrote: How old are you? If you are under 16, then no-one can sue you!

You are un-sueable if under 16.

  • Money Grows on Trees[/*]
  • If you eat a watermelon seed it will grow in your stomache[/*]
  • The man with the hook for a hand will come and kill you in the middle of the night[/*]
  • Tu-Pac is still alive[/*]
  • If you break a mirror it is (Instert number) years bad luck[/*]
  • Walking under a ladder is bad luck[/*]
  • Need I go on?![/*]

I’m sorry, but you need to stop getting legal advice from the back of a cereal box.

It seems that a lot of people have already given some good input. Yes, you have freedom of speech. But, there are all the trademark and copyright laws. Then there is our little friend “Libel”. You dont want to get involved with that. I think the best thing to do is go with the parody, adn use a different name. “Mickey C’s”? E’s? Any sort of letter that sounds like D?

July 5, 2003 at 3:15 am #7237
Avatar of thedarksideoflego

hmmm, thanks guys, i like the donald mc. ronald idea, and big wack, i might go with the inverted m too, i’ll go over it with my team, thaks for the help guys :)

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