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    as discussed here: … highlight=

    it was suggested to have a new “community admin” that should function as a liaison between the new owner of the site ThickAsABrick and the community. Since this role is new I would at first describe it from my perspective and shed light on my person as well, since I would like to do this job. I have to add that this is only a suggestion so far, and TAAB has the last word about this matter (anyway).

    I think my new job would include the following (most of this comes from “an Old Ore”):

    • Liaise with the community in order to keep them informed about upcoming changes and features that will be available to them.[/*]
    • Hire and Fire other administrative people, specifically the ministers. *[/*]
    • Oversee the day-to-day running of the site, specifically: making sure that ministers / mods are doing their job, making sure that no ministers / mods are performing tasks they should not be performing.[/*]
    • Spend some time investigating ways to improve for all involved.[/*]
    • The administrator need not know coding since Zane can do that, but familiarity with code that the site uses and it’s possibilities / limitations would be advantageous.
      I have to add to this point that I know C,C++,Delphi,Matlab,Excel and very basic Python and Java, I have to say that I never did any web programming and only fundamental web design. But when you read my bio you will see that understanding code is part of my job…[/*]

    I guess there are several good reasons why I would be a good choice for this:
    I had nothing to do with the discussions and back and forth that lead to the discrepancies between TAAB and the old ministers and Schlaeps, I have a somewhat neutral position. And I think that I actually understand TAAB position very well. On the other hand I actually also know the community and think that I would be able to represent the wishes and needs of the community in an suitable way. But one thing is very important

    I am not a puppet!

    This means that I will not simply try to convince the community that TAABs changes are the best, and I would also not try to oppose TAAB just because the community doesn´t like something or urgently wants feature XYZ…
    I have my own opinion and think my job is mediate between TAAB and the community. I guess that after a while, if everything is running and we have worked out or differences, maybe I even become obsolete as a liaison …

    I also think that the best way to improve the site is to actually make constructive critizism, something that aparently got lost during the recent events. But I also have to tell you the truth, and that is that TAAB finally makes the descissions and also has the responsibility, I can only make suggestions and give feedback….

    What is probably also f importance is that I am in deed a little older, which means that I already have some life experience and I can tell you as a scientist you have to deal with critizism all day long. Finding out that you are wrong doesn´t mean that the person who told you that is an idiot, in fact he/she helped you on your way! I know how to deal with critizism on a professional level, and know how to explain and teamwork in a constructive and neutral way.

    I also think that elections in this matter are not an option. TAAB has to anounce me, which would be a sign of mutual trust, but I highly recommend using the poll to show that I actually also have the support of you the community.

    One of the things that I also think is very important is that I am someone you know and trust and that you have a face that you can adress and ask for help with your problems. And I have no problem with transparency, I actually think it is fundamental in any relationship…

    Facts about me:
    My name is Dr. rer. nat. Arend Hintze
    I was born 1975 in Germany, which means I am 32 now…
    After school I studied Biology in Germany and finialy ended up having my PhD in Genetics and Developmental Biology. But after that I somewhat changed topic and I am now living in LA doing computational biology, evolution and networks. I actually create models and simulations about evolution on the computer, which requires very good programming skills that I definetely have. But like AnOldOre said, Zane is the programmer and his job is coding, and I actually don´t see my role involved in that at all.
    I am programming since I am 12, I played basketball, did thriathlon and ran a couple of marathons or simmilar competitions. Since 2006 I have an injured hip and I was forced to quit running…
    I am married to Leonie Hintze, and you might know her voice from some of my brickfilms. Since 5 month I have two sons, and I hope they will become great brickfilmers when they are a little older.

    You can find my filmography here: … intze.html
    and see pictures of my boys and some of me here:

    I started doing video films in school and did a couple of videos about sport events for my father and my wife.

    In terms of Lego I have to say that I am coming from building. I made some creations that you can find on brickshelf:
    But after building I wanted more from it, so I decided to make brickfilms.

    please don´t hesitate to ask any further question:

    Cheers Arend

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    I’m all for it.


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    You seem very qualified for this job, I hope you get it :)

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    shouldn’t this be in the proving grounds?

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    Aled Owen

    You can’t post in there twit.


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    “Aled Owen” wrote: You can’t post in there twit.


    Name calling isn’t something I want to see in a site admin…

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    “brianfast” wrote: [quote="Aled Owen"]You can’t post in there twit.


    Name calling isn’t something I want to see in a site admin…[/quote]

    I guess I should point out that there is a difference between ahnt (me) and Aled who is not…. :wink

    cheers Arend

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    Yes, I support you ahnt.

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    I support you because you called brian a twit.

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    RP Hoogle

    No Aled did, read.

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