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    The Janitor

    Wow, thats a big file. How long is the film?

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    A little over 2 minutes. 2 minutes and 11 seconds, if I remember correctly.

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    Jack Prost

    Do you load your videos on Brickshelf?


    alright guys, i understand you want your live action movies to be seen, yet this isnot the p;lace, i mean every now and then you can talk about live action stuff, i make live ation films too, but that is off topic, the topic is BRICKfilms, we dont need to load down everyone with this, trust me there are other sites with many of people who could be exact clones of us except they do live aciton, i mean its great to have some variety, but this is the place for brickfilms, i understand you love these brickfilming people and you want to show them this, but this isnt the place, there is such thing as email and instant messengers and friends for this, but brickfilm is for brickfilms, and if you are going to continue atleast put an “off topic” warning… Now kowarama dont take this as a hit at you, i only said it cuz this is like the 4th time ive seen off topic live action in like the last week

    -Chris, who doesnt like to seperate his sentence into paragraphs…

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    hehe, I enjoyed the movie thoroughly, because one of the guys looks just like me! but this is off topic

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    there was no plot and just silly music. And the kids looked like they were having a fit or something. Try to make a movie that has a plot. And try to post lego films and not live action films.

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    Man, if this is another live action movie, I’m gonna…do something.

    Listen, the only person I think that had reason to post his live action movie was Jack Prost. He started a new thread asking who does live action also, and then said that he was going to have his latest one on the net soon. I was hoping he would leave any critiques of it in his live action thread, but he started a new one. But I don’t think that topic suddenly means we can go ahead and start posting live action movies. Especially when they’re posted on Brickshelf. Please, Brickshelf is slow enough, we don’t need bigger files being downloaded and wasting server space. Hopefully Brickshelf will notice you have some live action in your account and will delete them. It’s not the place to host them.

    Cometgreen, wondering if he got his point across

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    OK, before this gets out of hand, I wish to direct your attention to the third item of the brickfilms forum rules under the heading “Things that are OK”

    3. Just about anything else that has to do with filmmaking or LEGO. Please remember what this forum and site is about, and use the boards accordingly.

    In any community, there are of course going to be rivals, friendships made, etc. These things are going to lead to posts that are not 100% about filmmaking or LEGO. It is OK to post these things. If they get way, way, way off topic and start to become flame wars or spam, they will be locked. Other than than being a blatent @#%$, enjoy the forum.

    Posting links to non-LEGO films that you have made is OK, however, I think it would be a good idea to also discuss how you made it, and perhaps offer any insights that would assist those of us who wish to make strictly-brick-only films. Remember, this site is called bricKfilms, because LEGO is not the only brick-toy in the world, not because we only welcome films made with bricks.

    Don’t get me wrong, this is not a free ticket to post all films, regardless of their relevance; I’m merely suggesting that if you do post a non-brickfilm please try to make it tie in to the “building/construction toy hobby” in some way.

    — mrgraff

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