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    A few things to add.. Didnt Jason say BRickFilms was expanding to other things? If so I dont think this should be much of a problem, only if it was lego.. (i dont know, havent seen it yet)

    And two, BrickShelf DOES delete things that are not lego.. I uploaded a helluva lot of offtopic things, and each one was deleted… 🙁 Good thing they were all on my computer :), so the mods do check the folders and delete offtopic things…



    if anything I’d ask that you PLEASE mark your film as LIVE ACTION in your first post.

    I currently have no plans to download any amateur live action films (especially if they are big) simply because I’m more interested in the brick ones.

    I’m glad I didn’t start the download.





    If you want a cool forum to talk about your live action films come here :

    Enjoy 😀
    Bob Page


    kowarama skip

    I’m merely suggesting that if you do post a non-brickfilm please try to make it tie in to the “building/construction toy hobby” in some way.

    umm the kids were playing Jenga

    oh yeah
    I did state if it was in the title, that’s what the ‘LIVE!!!!!’ intended to do



    Hey Kowarama Skip, did you notice that the avatar of Livingston David is one of you guys in the movie? 😆


    kowarama skip

    Yeah I know

    David swears that Livingston David isn’t him, and it’s a derranged stalker.

    I’m serious, I don’t know who he is.


    Jack Prost

    Kowarama, please post your movies and things about liev action at this forum, Banjo made me admin on his live action forum, and it’s a place for where guys like us who do live action can go. Come and visit us! That goes for anyone with live action films, please come down to the forum!

    J. Prost



    Well no J.P.. I didnt make you admin on my forum. It’s your forum now. I just go there… because i founded it..



    Banjo, founded is not a word! found is the pass tense of find!



    Michael (still coming here? Jesus…), he actually meant “founded”, as in the past tense of “to found”. As in “laying the foundation” etc.


Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 20 total)

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