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    Hi all! My name is Jason Steele, I am the guy from (legotronn posted my site here a couple weeks ago, that’s how I learned of these forums, through checking my site’s referral record).

    Anyway, I have just finished my short movie “The Legomatrix”, which any of you whom have seen “The Matrix Reloaded” will probably appreciate.

    Medium-Quality QuickTime
    39.5 Megs – QuickTime Motion JPEG compression: …

    Low-Quality QuickTime
    17.7 Megs – QuickTime Sorensen 3 compression: …

    Low-Quality MPEG-4
    18.5 Megs – MPEG-4 Compression: … rixlow.mp4

    To save any of these movies to your hard drive (in case you don’t have the proper web plug-in), you should be able to right-click the link (or Control-Click if you have a Mac like I do), and choose either “Download Link To Disk”, “Save Target As” or whatever it’s called on your web browser.

    I believe the QuickTime version requires QuickTime 4 or higher, and the MPEG 4 version requires either QuickTime 6 (not sure if 5 will play it) or any newer version of Windows media player.


    EDIT (6/28) – Now all versions of The Legomatrix are available from Brickshelf, including a new low-quality Quicktime Sorensen 3 version.

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    ooh yeah! dling right now! :D


    Nice CGI animation, liked all the slow motion parts, looked cool. Nice! Keep it up! :)

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    Pretty good, an enjoyable, yet unrealistic film. First of all, I don’t like CGI lego animation, as it doesn’t seem quite right. Oh well, that’s just my opinion, so I’ll try to review this movie without opinion.
    Sound 2.3/5
    Fairly good music, it fit the action on the screen well. You lacked sound effects badly though. Definetly a weak spot.
    Visuals 4/5
    Smooth, but it is a CGI. Nice effects and design. The ground and background could have used more work, but overall, pretty good
    Story/Plot 1.4/5
    There really was no plot here. Just a little bit though, and it didn’t do much for the movie. If it was a test, than it was pretty good.
    Set Design 2.5/5
    The background, as I said before, was rather bland and eveidentally flat. The characters were fairly decent though.
    Overall(not an average):5.4/10
    Good, but lacking. Don’t be discouraged by me though, a bit more time spent on this could have resulted in a much better film. I”m no expert with CGI, but other CGI movis I’ve seen were much more realistic and had better editing. Good luck on your next film, bob

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    Thanks for taking the time to review my film, LoganArts.

    On the sound aspect – I do have a version with sound, however it just didn’t seem to flow correctly. It really took away more than it added, unfortunately.

    As far as the plot goes, it was created as a tribute to the Neo-Smith fighting scene in The Matrix Reloaded. So yes, it doesn’t actually have a plot.

    And I completely agree with you that more time spent could have resulted in a better film – this movie took me all of 4 days, including modeling and rendering times, whereas most animated shorts take months to years :D

    Anywho, thanks for the feedback!

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    i don’t know how to do cgi, so in my opinion; THAT WAS AWSOME! :o

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    “yodablob” wrote: i don’t know how to do cgi, so in my opinion; THAT WAS AWSOME! :o

    Glad you liked it.

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    Wow, 3 gigs worth of data transfer the first day “The Legomatrix” arrives on my website.

    I’m uploading it to Brickshelf right now to use as a mirror to offset the bandwidth.

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know about how long it takes for Brickshelf to authorize and post uploaded files?

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    It depends. Some of my films were cleared within a week, but I’m still waiting for “il est midi” to be cleared.

    Deep-linking will work, though.

    About your film: I liked it better than the original! I loved the brick wall used as background, and the blurring in some parts of it. You really captured the feeling of that fight well.


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    I liked it better than the original!

    Well, I don’t agree with you there, but it was still awsome! It’s a very well done little short.

    I understand about the sound effects. Although they work a lot of times, some films are just better without them.

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    :( I cant download, stupid dial-up :(

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