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    Brian of Gep

    Good job!

    Smooth animation, and superb picture quality.

    I liked it a lot!

    My only complaint is in the last shot…
    The edge of the baseplate and part of the table shows.


    Great set design! I love the mouse! 🙂

    I would advise you to tie it together a little better in one of the scenes.
    Someone watching it only once wouldn’t notice how the last time you see the mouse, in the background,
    you see the mouse hole, and then in the next shot you are at the mouse hole.

    Other than that, you tied it together very well.

    One more comment… The mouse looks too mechanical.
    You know, it’s movement is only up down, or side to side.
    I know that this is due to its construction,
    and that I’m being overly critical,
    but that shows how hard I had to think to give you some constructive criticism. 🙂
    A solution would be to show more angles less times,
    and to not utilize his complete movement abilities.
    (i.e. when he is opening and closing his mouth, he goes all the way open, all the way shut, and it is the same distance every time. It looks unnatural. Try going more or less each time you animate something like that… Be sporadic! Random effects=realism as long as it isn’t overdone).

    Good job, keep it up! 😀




    Good Work! Busy now though, review later


    The Janitor

    What a great little film!

    I loved the camera work. There were some beatiful angles, a very nice bit of camera movement, and it all flowed wonderfully.

    The animation of the mouse was excellent. His mouth moved perfectly in time with the music, and his gestures were slight, yet effective.

    I liked the fact that it took me a couple of viewings to really get what was happening. It made it more interesting for me, and I didn’t mind at all watching it several times since it looked so nice.

    The last thing I loved about this film…I had no idea it was coming! It seems that it is becoming more rare for excellent films to be released without any hype whatsoever. I love being pleasantly suprised! Great work, Stefan!



    It was a great short, a great music video ,and a great lego video. You would think I liked it… Wrong! I don’t speak very much French so it took me a while to get the jist of the song. I also thought that the mouse didn’t really look like it was singing the song. Though, in retrospect I realize that for a lego stop-motion film it was nearly flawless. Obviously some work went into this one and some good editing is also showcased. I could see this being an entree in the Brickfest Animation Competition. It seems somewhat short for being in the competition but as far as I know, the length doesn’t matter. This movie shows that you can definetly make a good music video. I would suggest making another music video that is longer for the competition if you are interested in entering. But, if you enter this one I think it would do well, it’s just that since it is in French it takes a while after the film is over to realize what is happening.
    Sound 4.5/5
    I would give it a 5 but I don’t speak French (very well) so it was a bit confusing, as I said before. Also, I didn’t really like the song, it seemed to be missing something. But taking off the .5 was really a matter of my personal taste so another person could have easily given you a five for sound.

    Visuals 4.7/5
    You had lots of really nice camera angles and nice little touches like the shadow moving. The animation was pretty smooth, very good and it was pretty realistic. I liked the elastic effect in the second scene. Overall good visuals. I can’t really say anything negative about them, but the visuals weren’t QUITE perfect, very close though.

    Originality 4/5
    I’ve never seen anything like that. It was different, even a little weird, but most of the best things are like that. For example, me. Original, but it reminded me of something I’ve seen before, must be the mouse.

    Story/Plot 3.8/5
    Pretty good, but again I don’t speak French and even though the movie was almost technically flawless, I didn’t really like it. The movie was short and the plot was a little bit too simple. However, this is just my opinion.

    Overall(not an average):8.5/10
    Awsome technically, as I said before, and very few, if any mistakes. I noted though that there was no walking or any other hard to do animations. I don’t blame you though, as I try to avoid walking in my films aswell. Good editing is also evident and the set design is near flawless. Character(the mouse) design was excellent and the minifig dresses looked good. Nice little short. Geese, that mouse was freaky!



    geez, i liked it a lot and I don’t speak french. :roll



    🙂 wow that was neat! I loved the mouth thing in the beginning and the animation overall was excellent!



    very nicely done! I liked the mouse model and the way you introduced it. By the way, what did you use to time the mouth movement with the music?



    When I heard there was a new YellowHead film, I was like this: 😀 It was a nice little movie. The animation was smooth, and the mouse was nicely constructed. Like some of the others, I interpreted the size of the mouse wrong, because I thought it was a giant. 🙂 Also I didn’t figure out that that thing at seconds 4-6 was a clock until I had read another review. Oh well 😛 Still a great movie. But I wanted it to be longer :wink



    nicely done film. great filming and animation. The mouse was cool though it seemed like a windup toy or somthing. I didn’t have a clue what was going on. can sombody please post the translated lyrics?



    I didn’t have a clue what was going on. can sombody please post the translated lyrics?

    Look at the first post again

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