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    Stefan! Good stuff!

    I never had a problem with understanding the mouse’s size, though I agree that putting something in the same frame with the mouse like a book or even a spool of thread would have further helped to establish that it was a regular mouse-sized mouse.

    I was very impressed with the tongue. I think that’s the first tongue I’ve seen used and it was done very well. How did you animate it? Being down inside the mouth like that, it must have been a real pain to get at! Or maybe you had a lever out the back. I don’t know, but great job.

    I really liked the smooth, soft motions of the mouse and the ladies. It complimented the mood of the song very nicely. It did take me about 4 watches before I figured out what the clock was. For some reason I just couldn’t see the roman numerals and I kept thinking, “what are these weird levers? Are they some sort of sewing device they have in Europe that I’m unfamiliar with?” But once I figured it out I felt kind of dumb.

    Good job, I can’t wait to see how it fairs in that competition.



    I hadn’t thought to say something after watching the film the first time, but after a couple of watching and after reading the text, I started to like it.
    So what I have to say is that I thought it was good. You had some nice angles showing the mouse, the animation was smooth and the timing was impressive. To get the things about the watch and that the mouse was inside the hole was a bit hard when you don’t know the language. If you had made it clearer that it was a watch (maybe used a white background and filmed it more from above) it would have helped. I don’t know how you could have shown that the mouse was inside the whole, but a solution on that would have made it better.

    I’m starting to like the music too πŸ™‚




    Great work stefan.

    The first thing I did before watching this film (in fact, during the download) was to read the lyric translation, I’m glad I did because it certainly helped to explain the use of images (and to reinforce that almost every french traditional song I’ve known loses ‘something’ in the translation and ends up sounding wacky…)


    I too loved the way you slowly revealed the mouse, you selected your shots and planned the progression from shot to shot extremely well.

    I was very impressed with all aspects of animation of the mouse. Mostly because of the size. It isn’t like a little mini-fig that had a nice amount of friction at the joints so that arms hold up etc, it is a BIG model. There were a number of moving elements and they had to move independently, without other bits being bumped.

    I thought the mouth and tongue construction, as well as the timing of the tongue movement at the syllable level, was just amazing. Well done, stefan.

    I am also of the ‘the scale looked ok to me’ opinion, but maybe that was linked directly to having read the translation first and kind of expecting that type of interpretation. Also there is a shot of the mousehole early on, showing it to be quite large (compared to the mouse) so it worked quite well to foreshadow the woman looking through the mousehole at the end.

    I know I’m jumping all over the place here… sorry, no order just rambling…

    I have to mention how much I like the use of the shadow of the mouse on the wall, while we were viewing its tail. Well done to get this without any discrepancies.

    Which is a good time to mention lighting. Darker inside the hole, lighter outside, but ALWAYS consistent. No flickering that I noticed, and if there was then I was so wrapped up in what was happening onscreen that it was hidden.

    If I were to pick at anything it would be that the mouse (position of ears, overalls, etc) reminded me too much of mickey mouse. And even if it wasn’t intentional, the echoes of contemporary culture ring loudly with ‘that mouse’.

    Another thing, I don’t really like the use of the non-brick dresses, but once again, that is a personal opinion (and comes as a kind of a shock after all of the bricks).

    All in all, an excellent short. It has been too long without an animation from wandrer.

    Oh and before I forget, I’m glad I’m not the only person who couldn’t work out what the clock hands were! Seriously, I had no idea… and had to go back and read the translation again and re-watch.

    Funny thing is, now that I’ve ‘seen it’ (like one of those magic-eye random dot stereograms) it looks great and I can’t believe I couldn’t work it out. In fact, the animation of the ‘click’ of the hand is fantastic! The vibration after the click really gives the impression that there is an underlying mechanical drive behind it.

    Well done, Stefan!!!




    Just found out it didn’t win πŸ™

    Apparently, the judges (whoever they may be) preferred a 2-fps cutout animation over a Lego video.
    The link to the winning song




    They let a extreemly ugly and horrible made movie win.

    The judges where probably drunk πŸ˜›



    How could the judges pick that, that, thing?
    Again, I tell you your movie is great, it made that STINKING PILE OF HOG FAT look like a, well, STINKING PILE OF HOG FAT!
    I think you should enter your movie in another contest where there are no (easily bribed) judges. Because I think you could win at another contest. Your movie was a bit confusing to watch but that other movie was, well, A STINKING PILE OF HOG FAT! It might have been a first film though, and I congratulate the winner even though it looks like the judges were BRIBED!ΒΈ

    Sorry, I just wanted to vent my anger.


    kowarama skip

    I loved the movie, fantastic cinematography!

    What was that? Paper cutout animation! That was horrible it was the mouse from the childrens book “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie…”

    Too bad you didn’t win, you should’ve!


    Brian of Gep

    That’s absolutely terrible.

    They must not have even watched yours.

    Oh, and RevMen, you say it would be hard to reach in there to animate the mouse… Try using dental tools. You can pick them up at a thrift shop or something. If you’re interested, trying contacting Russ (If you can’t find a way to contact him, PM me and I’ll give you his e-mail address or AIM name).







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