Newbie Here, please help.

Hello there brick film creators and so on. I'm WarrENDeatH but you can just call me Warren. I'm extremely new to creating brick films and I have to say I'm already off on getting my rear kicked in this. I lack a lot of things in creating a brick film and with your guys help I'd like to think I can do one for my sister and myself.

For starters, I have no budget. So saying, "Run out and buy this for 20 bucks" is out of the equation. If I did that I wouldn't be asking you guys how to get around all this. So I'm basically going to try to film Lego Stop Animation movies with four buckets filled with Lego parts(guys, blocks, figures whatever), a camera and lightening. So here is what I have run into.

-I have no microphone(My question for this, is it possible for me to record audio dialogue with a cell phone and put it on the computer?)

-I'm only going to do Star Wars movies and right now I only have 2 ST figures(It is possible for me to do a film with only 2?)

-I have no stand or those entire set pieces that you can place stuff on(Is it possible for me to do a film without it?)

-My digital camera is a 3.3 Megapixel(its old) (Is it possible for me to shoot a film without pictures coming out blury?No FLASH ISN'T ON!!)

Alright, answer these questions I'll no longer need help and hopefully I'll be on my way to making a film for everyone to enjoy. :)