The idea behind the NeXT 'party' is to continue the great success that is today as well as always look ahead toward the next great thing. We realize that Brickfilms is and always has been a community and as such, should stay that way. Like the WWRD Party, we know that this change in Brickfilms' structure is not bring "democracy" into this community but rather to ease RevMen of some of his many duties in running this site. Unlike The WWRD Party though, we do not wish to be trapped by dogma - which is following the opinions and beliefs of others. As said previously, we wish to continue to promote Brickiflms' current success as well as continue to work on ways to bring new viewers, members, hobbyists, and potential profit into our community.

Our party has already proven it's dedication to bringing growth into Brickfilms when we introduced the highly popular and successful Brickfilms Podcast just 11 months ago. In fact, it was so popular from the start that we were forced to give it it's own domain and hosting just to fulfill the demand. This is just the beginning and not the extent of our plans. In the future, revamps as well as bigger and better updates to the site are things we would like to implement and are currently working on. Better patron features, etc.

As for the forums, we believe that it should be left open and free as it has been since the beginning, yet work toward better action against obvious SPAM topics by locking and removing them swiftly rather than let them continue pollute the site which is currently the philosophy of some moderators.

We currently are not running in any of the two elections but are definitely open if any Candidates or future NeXT member would like to do so. If you wish to become a spokesperson/evangelize for NeXT please post here.

Current NeXT members/supporters:

- Pierre Films
- RyanD
- Schlaeps
- Ladon
- Darth
- Schlockading
- Puddleglum
- mrgraff
- Nathan
- evanellis
- Monko
- 1ceaham
- chosen1
- bluejeansummer
- Ticket

Pierre Films

This post will be continually edited to reflect current news and members.