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    Post your party’s nomination for Minister of Information in this thread.

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    The Party of Numenor officially nominates… for Minister of Information.


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    The PPP party nominate KG.


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    After due deliberation over presenting a nominee for position of Minister of Information, the WWRD Party has finally arrived at a decision. While recognizing the qualifications of both Smeagol Studios and KG for the post, we feel that there is at least one other who is worthy of consideration by the electorate.

    Those who have read her weblog, visited her website, and participated in her forums are probably fully aware of Trillspots’ creative talent and familiarity with Internet technology (and, dare we say, promotion). Others may only be familiar with her through her participation in the Brickfilms forums or in the chat. It is hoped that all who have even a passing acquaintance with her will understand why we feel that she is eminently qualified for the position of Minister of Information and to be placed in charge of the design and presentation of the Brickfilms News page.

    The WWRD Party feels that while Trillspots’ current appointment as the Commissioner of these elections might prevent her from actively campaigning, it is in the best interests of Brickfilms that voters not be precluded from electing her if they so choose.

    The WWRD Party’s nominee for Minister of Information is Trillspots.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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