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    Apparently the elders of the forums have discussed this and come to the conclusion that we need to hold an election for another position.

    The Minister of Sound – is in charge of maintaining and improving the brickfilms sound library. He or she will be the primary sound library curator, with the ability to add other curators to help if needed.

    Voting will take place between Feb. 28th and Mar. 2nd – you have until then to make your nominations.

    The post will go into effect March 2nd and will last until July 1st – as with all of the other elected positions.


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    Come on you guys, you know how this works. These nominations threads should only be replied to by party spokespeople to give their party’s nomination. Look at all of the other threads in this forum if you are confused. Trill and I will delete all non-compliant posts.

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    Pierre Films

    NeXT nominates chosen1 for Minister of Sound.

    Pierre Films

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    The Party of the White Tree of Numenor nominates droidimation.

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    The PPPP will decline to nominate anyone for this position as there are no viable candidates.


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    The Coalition for the Abolition of Parties and the Reign of Free Thought will nominate tim, so that he has the opportunity to run.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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