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    I’ve seen a lot of threads talking about cameras but not really been able to get an answer for my problem
    I really want to start making brick films and I have made a short one already but the picture quality was really bad as I used my Xbox camera and for some reason all the captures were green
    I can’t spend any money on this as am out of work so have to just use what I got
    I have a laptop and have downloaded monkeyjam which I used on my first short
    I have the Xbox cam but I have a canon 1000d as well
    I would like to use the 1000d as the picture quality would be great but monkeyjam will not see it
    I have read online that these dslr cameras are not really able to be used for stop motion but then have seen else where some great stopmotion films that used the 1000d

    I guess what im asking is can someone just tell me exactly what I need or need to download to get this to work?
    Thank you for any help you can give me

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    Unfortunately, DSLR’s aren’t compatible with MonkeyJam.

    If you’re really set on using your DSLR for stop motion, just use the Canon Remote Capture.You won’t be able to preview or edit your animation while you’re grabbing frames though.

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    @greggyboy How is it going on? Did you find a way to use the DSLR aside from the suggestion?

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    Hello no I didn’t but I’m using helium frog now with my webcam and now the captures are no longer green. I have also seen that helium frog will eventually have support for dslr cameras so if I just stick with this for now ill be able to change when the update happens

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    Interesting. I’ll check out Helium Frog. Thanks for sharing Greg :)

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