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    Well, I’ll consider running.

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    1.) Why people don’t PM me but PM you, I don’t understand. If they have a concern, they’re not PMing the right person

    2.) So far I’ve done exactly what my roles have been. That is, hire reviewers to shrink the pile of the film list (which has been largely successful), and respond to rejections (which I have done in the thread, if you haven’t read it yet).

    3.) We are making good progress. Why stop now????

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    besides, considering the fact that I am regularly checking the “was your film rejected?” thread to look for people with inquiries, and the fact that I was appointed this role by review panel members not ragtag members, it’s hard to say I’m not doing my duties correctly.

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    It has nothing to do with doing your duties incorrectly. I think you’re doing a fine job. Except for the fact that you just ticked off about half the members here when you posted that rather insulting topic called “Was your film rejected?”

    You should be helpful and encouraging to the new members. Saying “you suck,” or “your film making skills suck,” does not fit that category. No. That’s going to turn quite a few newer filmers away from Brickfilming. Look at the other admins and moderators Tim. None of them got where they are now by insulting members left and right. The only reason you are where you are now is because no one else would step up to the position of MoFR. Well, except for The Doctor, but as he says right in this very thread:

    I thought that seeing as Tim had been around longer, there was no point in going for the position.

    That is the only reason you go where you are now, and I do not think that is enough. Well now, there are two members ready to replace you (yes, I am running for the position now), and you will not win in the end.

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    “Littlebrick” wrote: Well now, there are two members ready to replace you (yes, I am running for the position now), and you will not win in the end.

    You should start a campaign thread and get this going so the Admins will be more inclined to replace him if it’s what the people want.

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    Telling that you need to stop posting one word reviews is not Unministerly. Nobody should’ve let you in the review panel in the first place Doctor.

    This is ridiculous. 100% of my reviews (exactly 40 so far) in the directory have been praised as brilliant peices of writing, and you’re suddenly going to give this ragtag guy, WHO POSTS ONE WORD REVIEWS, and posted ONLY SEVEN REVIEWS (most which have been heavily criticized to the point where I seriously considered removing The Doctor from his position), the position of minister of reviews? What about littlebrick? ONE REVIEW?

    Be rational. If you don’t like my sense of sarcasm, fine, REREAD THE THREAD. The point of the thread was not to tell you that you suck at filming, it was to help you improve. and that’s exactly what I did. If youw ant to be ignorant and pretend I didn’t help you when I clearly, most blatantly did, then be a sore loser, just know that you’re an ignoramus.

    If you got offended, I didn’t mean it, and I can’t believe after being on this site FOR FIVE YEARS NOW I STILL HAVE TO EXPLAIN MYSELF.

    Considering I appointed BOTH of you as reviewers, you are being insulting and irresponsible. You are unable to act as a productive group.

    And you people are deliberately responsible for spamming that “Was your film rejected” thread, making people who had their film rejected unable to read my responses. you could’ve sent an email to ME but instead you decided to make it difficult for anybody to read a proper response.

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    Tim’s an amazing MoFR, all of you are just blowing one tiny little thing he said WAY out of proportion.

    C’mon guise. Srsly.

    EDIT: Besides, that remark has since been edited out of Tim’s post.

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    A position this important should remain hand-picked, in my personal opinion. If TAAB and Zane disapproved of Tim’s performance as MoFR, I’m sure they’d do something about it.

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    I think Littlebrick would be good, but then again Tim is only a few moths as MoFR, and since it isn’t elected he has a lot more… So he’s just getting Started. I think he’ll make the Directory a funny place. I like how he cracks jokes in reviews, that of course do fit the brickfilm.

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