Now accepting outlines for community project ideas

The CP Forum is back! BrickFest has got me very motivated to complete another community project. Here's how this is gonna work...

If you have an idea for a film, create a complete outline which explains the story and main characters. You don't need to write a script and, in fact, you shouldn't.

When I find a story I like, I will become the executive producer and the person(s) who submitted the outline will either become the director or will help decide who the director should be.

We will then assemble a script-writing team and write out the script.

We will then make the film, recruiting animators, foley workers, voice actors etc as we need them.

I understand there are already some unofficial community projects already underway. For one of those to be considered "official" I would need to see an outline (or a script if one exists) and I would need to be granted at least a small amount of control over the production.

My hope is for something a little longer than the last CP. I'm thinking in the 15 to 20 minute range. We have a lot of great animators here and with good planning we could make it so no one needs to animate more than a few minutes.

When the film is finished, the script will be the joint property of Brickfilms and the 'idea-haver.' The finished film itself will be the property of Brickfilms. This is basically the same as the previous CP.

Please work up your outlines in MS Word or the equivalent and send the document to