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    Okay, here’s a new short I made called Nuts ‘N Bolts:

    edit: i made a new version of it, smaller size so it’ll be easier to dl.

    Hope you like it. 🙂

    Legotronn 8)


    4Jex Productions

    29mb 😮 how long is it.

    review to come.


    4Jex Productions

    The file was kind of big for 1:50, but it was an interesting little short.


    The video was grainy but it didn’t affect the film that much. The animation was jerky in some places and smoother in others. The bad guys mouth movement was nice.

    all in all it was a pretty good film, simple plot but enjoyable.

    Good job! Keep the work up

    ***spoilers off***

    4Jex, who just wrote a pathetic review



    Could you compress it please? 🙂 (darn dial-up)


    Bob Page

    29mb for 1:50! you can compress that to 5mb 🙂


    4Jex Productions

    Legotronn, I can compress it then re-post it do you mind?


    4Jex Productions
    Participant … sbolts.wmv

    Here it is

    6 MB





    Aside from the fact i did not understand it it was good animation…my fav part was when it played a cool varation of anything goes at the end. Where did you get that from? nice job its beter than what i would have expcted from you uasualy. 🙂



    “IndyA” wrote: Aside from the fact i did not understand it it was good animation…

    The plot is rather simple, I could understand it. 8)

    A guy builds a robot, and then another guy *borrows* it.

    Bad Guy: Uh, hello… 😆

    I liked the part where the mini-fig crashes into the building. The robot and the houses must have taken a long time to build! The title effects were pretty good. The animation wasn’t bad, but it could have been better. I could understand the plot, but it might be confusing for some people (Like IndyA, sorry :P)


    Keep working on it, dude, & good luck with future projects.




    I thought everything was ausome except for the lighting, which kept flashing. Otherwise, it was great.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 17 total)

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