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    Josh Bloomer

    Hey all, just wanting some advice on creating an ocean. Should I do it in LEGO or in 3D? After all, this is a brickfilm and the majority of it should be LEGO but I think a CG ocean will be easier to create, animate, and may turn out more beautiful. If I choose to do it in LEGO, I’ll need a vast majority of trans-blue LEGO pieces. So what would you rather see in a brickfilm? The more realistic but non-LEGO ocean in cannedgravy’s LEGO Pirates or the ocean Forrestfire101’s LEGO Justice League made of blue LEGO?

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    I think lego would be nicer :)

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    Use blue sand? I know some people have tried doing that.

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    Anna C.

    It’s up to you really and what theme you’d like to go with. I think doing it in CG is more difficult, unless you have a powerful computer then I say go for it. Brickfilming is an art. It’s up to you what you do and experiment :-)

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    Mark Mejia

    This is one of my ordeals as as well.

    I’m actually about to try out a blue cellophane paper role and pillow stuffing for wake and other water effects.
    Once I get my PC upgraded with some parts and I test film, I will let u know how it went.

    What are you gonna do? I’d be interested how the CG turns out…

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    Anna C.

    Yeah, me too. Share it with us after you’ve decided on what to do Josh. :-)

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