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    Aye, Rev changed the numbers a few weeks ago when he asked us to vote.

    And I’m guessing there were more than 20 members, because there are 21 on the front page, and some of us didn’t vote until a few days before the deadline (like me ;) ).

    And richard: :lol:


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    Controversy!! Conspiracy!! Get Jarrah in here immediately!


    I think I’ve discovered the problem. There WERE more than 20 voters, there were 22. I used an MS Excel spreadsheet to calculate the votes and I did check my work before announcing the winners, but not in enough ways. I checked the list of voters on the left hand side of each page of the spreadsheet to make sure they were all there (22). I checked the individual totals for each voter to make sure that all of their votes were adding up across each of the category pages correctly (to 15 points). What I did not check, however, was the overhead totals for all votes, assuming that Excel was adding them correctly. As it turns out, I failed to notice that I had exceeded the boundaries of my SUM() function, which needed to be stretched an additional 2 rows to capture everyone’s votes.


    The good news is the winners are still the same.

    The bad news is the order for 2nd and 3rd has been reversed. Hali is now in second and Mark B is in third.

    Boy, do I feel awful about this. Next time I’ll be sure to have someone check my work before announcing the winners.

    I’m going to send Mark B something better than the headgear set to try and make up for it.

    As for the heavy weighting on story, yes it was very heavy, and no, we will probably not do it that way again. I made it very clear from the beginning that a good story would be the only way you could win this competition.

    A real problem that we did have was nepotism, however. There were 2 ballots that were blatantly favoring a particular film (1st in each category), and 1 that was strongly suspect (1st in 3 categories, 2nd in 1). It doesn’t look like these ballots had a lasting effect on the results, as none of the ‘favored’ films won anything, and the other films on the ballots seemed to be in order.

    It’s unfortunate, especially after the amazingly honest voting in the WOW competition. Now we’ll have to find a new way of scoring the films. It wouldn’t do for me to have to evaluate each ballot for fairness and reject those that I thought were unfair. The next contest is going to have a new dimension added to it, so the judging is going to have to be different anyway. Now it’s going to have to be very different.

    My apologies to Mark B and hali for screwing this up. I’ll do my best to make it right. Like I said, Mark will be getting something better than the headgear (which I want to keep for myself anyways ;) ). Check the events page for the “real” scores.


    Geez, you’d think an engineer would be able to get simple addition right….

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    I’ve updated the events page to reflect the correct numbers. Please, feel free to check them.

    As it turns out, other than Mark B and hali swapping places, none of the rankings have changed. It was a mistake that should not have been made, but at least it didn’t have far-reaching consequences.

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    I want a recount of the first voting!
    I’m sure I had to be nominated … :lol:

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    Geez, you’d think an engineer would be able to get simple addition right….

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
    I’m engineer too, and I’m the first to jump on my calculator to do an addition… Geez, where’s that world going to ?

    All this had somewhat a good effect, Hali gains one place… :lol: hum, no, I meant : we should have at least 2 guys to check the sum. :?
    On the other side, it could be interesting to do a simulation based on the rankings, in order to detect the overweight in a category…

    And why not, if the contests are being ambitious as it turns to be in the future, have several awards by category… like Oscars (link to an old topic…) :wink

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    You know, in my dodgy calcs (i’d forgotten about the open and transparent voting change thread thingy… guess that happens when you don’t have to vote…) I really didn’t see it affecting my pos…

    Josh, thanks for the way you have dealt with this. I’m feeling just as much guilt as you…

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    I Blame the Floridian voters…..

    edit: my mistake rev ;)

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    Do you mean the Floridians?

    I did get a couple of e-mails with hanging chads. I think a recount may be in order.


    :roll Nepotism indeed! Well, now Leftfielder and I have proof that it was rigged…

    But we love you all anyway. :wink

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    The Janitor

    I think I needed more nepotism. Or other forms of cheating. Or for you guys not to hate my story.

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