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    crazy studios

    I keep hering about it in reveiws of software but what is onion skinning?

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    In certain programs it lets your see your previous captures from your camera (or frames) all meshed into one, so you can check your work.


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    crazy studios


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    You wouldn’t believe how useful it can be. I couldn’t animate without it.

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    I’ve got a slightly different take to buxton. When I first got SMP and was able to onion skin i used it all the time and it improved my animation heaps… but now I don’t use it much. It is almost like it supported the developement of a feel for movement I would not have been able to learn otherwise.

    I do use a lot of flicking back-and-forth, which has a similar result to onionskinning, but only with the most recent frame.


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    Ditto to hali. I find I can do just as well without it, as long as I’m careful, and think about what I’m doing. If I focus on the onion skin too much, my animation quality actually drops slightly – everything is slightly less life-like. (If Lego figures can indeed be life-like at all :lol:)
    It’s very useful, though, and is especially helpful for spur-of-the-moment camera pans.


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    Im with hali, frame flicking is better for your animation… I really only use onion skinning when I bump something, or knock it over between frames, and need to reposition things to where they should be.

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    My favorite use for onionskining is when panning or doing a dolly shot. You can move the object a set distance then move the camera to line the images back up. If I am doing a pan without a moving object, I place a dummy object in the frame move it, align the camera, take out the dummy object than take a frame.

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    onionskinning really improve my animation skills, but sometimes i just go over with, not really take attention on it.

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    Uh oh

    Once I get my new camera for christmas I can do onionskinning with SMA. It’s going to be SO HELPFUL. :excited: I always bump things when I animate. :wink

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