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    Quick Facts (please read on for details):
    -First 50 approved applicants receive a free OYO minifigure
    -Make a stop-animation video highlighting the features of OYOs
    -Upload it as a video response to our Challenge video (not yet live) by June 25th 2012 for a chance at getting your very own Custom OYO and other rewards!

    Who are we?
    OYO Sportstoys, Inc. is a new company that has launched an exciting new line of minifigures called OYOs. OYOs [have knees and elbows that bend, giving them improved articulation that allows them to properly hold a batting or pitching stance- all while maintaining compatibility with standard building blocks.

    Licensed by MLB, we currently offer OYOs of over 250 different MLB players, each with their own facial likeness, team jersey, name and number, and a serialized DNA number that is unique to each OYO. In addition, we are pursuing minifigures of other sports, and working toward launching a full custom line of OYOs .

    Why are we here?
    OYO is very excited about what we have to offer to the brickfilming community, and we would like to be an active part of it.

    The improved articulation of OYOs opens up a whole new world of possibilities to the brickfilmer, and we can’t wait to see what can be done with it. Additionally, we hope the unique faces and player likenesses of OYOs will be a breath of fresh air! And, of course, being a new company anything you can do to help spread the word about our product is a great help.

    What is it?
    The OYO Video Challenge is our first journey into brickfilming.

    We want to encourage anyone who wants to make a video with our product to do so, and for that reason we will be providing FREE OYOs to the first 50 approved applicants!

    We don’t want to restrict your creativity, but there are a few characteristics that will need to be present for your video to have a chance to be selected as a winner:
    -No profanity or suggestive themes (sexual themes, drug use, etc)
    -No more than playful violence
    -No copyrighted/unauthorized materials
    -Must extensively use stop motion
    -Must contain at least (1) unmodified OYO minifigure (other toys and figures are welcome)
    -Must treat the player’s likeness and the MLB in a dignified manner

    We would like to see a video that will highlight and showcase the features of OYOs. This could be done in many ways, either directly through plot elements within the film, or secondary to the plot. And remember, OYOs play well with other toys!

    Gold: The most winning video (as judged by OYO staff) will be rewarded with their choice of their very own custom OYO, or (5) OYO minifigures of their choice, as well as the possibility of the video being featured on the front page of our website.

    Silver: Second place will receive (3) OYO minifigures of their choice

    Bronze: Third place will receive (2) OYO minifigures of their choice

    For the top 3 videos, we would like to have a digital copy of the winning videos for archival and potentially for promotional use (but it’s OK to host it on your own YouTube channel additionally)

    Videos are expected to be less than 2 minutes in length due to time constraints, but don’t let that stop you from running longer.

    To enter the Challenge:
    Post your video as a YouTube video response to our Challenge video (not yet live) by June 25, 2012

    Multiple entries will be accepted (in fact- we would love to see some early entries)

    The winners will be determined by the end of June and announced here, on our website, and on our YouTube channel.

    We realize this is a short timeframe, but as a new company we are used to working under tight deadlines, and we hope you will too!

    To receive your free OYO:
    First, Choose an OYO minifigure from our website: http://www.oyosportstoys.com

    Then, please send an e-mail to videochallenge@oyosportstoys.com with your:
    -Full Name
    -Mailing/Shipping address (US & Canada only)
    -The OYO of your choice
    -A link or attachment to some samples of your previous body of work brickfliming
    -One reason why you should receive a free OYO!

    The first 50 applicants approved before June 8th 2012 will receive (1) OYO minifigure of their choice. Applicants will be screened for their sincerity and previous work. OYO reserves the right to substitute an alternate minifigure in certain cases.

    If you have any questions you can post here, or e-mail at videochallenge@oyosportstoys.com for more information!

    We would like to thank everyone for welcoming us into this community and hope we can make an impact.

    Please let us know what you think of our product and this Challenge, as well as any comments or suggestions you may have.

    Challenge rewards are valid for the United States only, void where prohibited. Others are welcome to participate, but will be awarded an honorary title.

    Thanks, and good luck!

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