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    I use video wave 5. It’s good enough for me.

    I need to know how to make the picture larger without taking away the quality. I know how to make a movie bigger, but it looses the quality and turn blurry. I went to Capture options, and clicked picture size and set it to the largest ( i think 255x 123 . Something like that). Is there a better capture program that I could get for free?


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    Well, I have had limited use with Video Wave 4. I guess it is similar to VW 5. All I can say is make sure you are indeed changing the capture size and not the preview size. By the way, what is the maximum resolution of your camera?


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    You can export your move as big as Video Wave makes it, and then maybe download Videomach and in Videomach make it bigger.. Or maybe SMA might be good for you.. You never know.. Testing things out may work. There are a whole bunch of prorgams out there!

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    You know why Attack of the Clone was at 400×300 resolution (as opposed to 640×480)? Because VideoWave 3 would only let me capture at 320×240. It could be because I was connecting my cam up via usb, but I doubt it. Video Wave simply isn’t for stop motion. It was never meant to be.


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    Ok thanks guys! :) :)

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