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    Max Butcher

    Yep. I’m sure it;s wonderful. I’m also sure it takes about twice as long.

    Its not THAT hard. Shooting at 30 fps, Now that takes ages.
    Look, I’m what the people who frequently play online games refer to as a Newbie, and I now often animate at 25 fps now. Its amazing that some animators are or claim to be better than me have not yet given 25fps a try.

    And I’m also sure walk cycles are hard at 25 fps.

    Mmmm. That I agree on. I hate walk cycles alltogether. But, 25 fps walk cycles are not too differnt to 15 fps walk cycles, just move the feet a few more frames when they lift the leg up.

    As I said, try out 25 fps. If you dont like it, fine, no-one minds. 15 is fine.
    But TRY IT. For all you know, you may like it. I estimate it takes 20 to 40% longer. Yep, you heard me correctly.

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    I started out using 10fps. Man, did that look asstastic. Of course, using a digital camera that I had to touch every time I took a picture didn’t help my films, either. I did of course switch to 15fps, and have been using it ever since. I sometimes have the urge to try out 24fps, but from some brickfilms I’ve seen animated at 24fps, I don’t see much benefit from doing a brickfilm at 24fps, especially if there’s not going to be much action. You’d have to be a bit daft to make a comedy film with two guys sitting/standing around moving their arms at 24fps.

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    I used to do 8 (yes, WMM)

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    I use 15, but I recently did a Muzzle Flash Test at 24 fps.

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    24 FPS. Ya’ll


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    Really, I don’t notice a difference between 15 and anything above. If it’s below 15, I notice a difference.

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    15 fps.


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    CDC Films

    I usually shot at 12 or 15 fps. Lol when I started, I did 8 fps.

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    Max Butcher

    My first EVER movie can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxQmvVy1F5A

    This was when I used my ancient finepix Digital camera. As you can see, its anything below crap. Its at around 5-10 fps: Using Windows Movie maker. (I hope to soon upgrade to Pinacle studio)

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    skull brick


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