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    I used to do 8 (yes, WMM)


    Eclipse Productions

    I use 15, but I recently did a Muzzle Flash Test at 24 fps.



    24 FPS. Ya’ll



    Eclipse Productions

    Really, I don’t notice a difference between 15 and anything above. If it’s below 15, I notice a difference.



    15 fps.



    CDC Films

    I usually shot at 12 or 15 fps. Lol when I started, I did 8 fps.


    Max Butcher

    My first EVER movie can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxQmvVy1F5A

    This was when I used my ancient finepix Digital camera. As you can see, its anything below crap. Its at around 5-10 fps: Using Windows Movie maker. (I hope to soon upgrade to Pinacle studio)


    skull brick




    For a while, I’ve used 20 FPS, then tried 24 FPS, then tried 15 FPS. I’m gonna experiment some more with all three 😀 !



    I’m surprised that some people do 24fps, some 25fps. 24 makes sense if you’re doing a theatrical release. (Anyone? I wish there were, but I doubt it.) 25fps is probably great if you’re in Europe and want to convert your films to DVD or video tape (PAL TV standard is 25 fps). I think 25 makes little sense to use in the North America. I have no idea what would happen to a 25 fps video clip converted to NTSC DVD (~30fps). I’m not sure if it would duplicate 5 of the 25 frames to get it to 30, or if it would blend, blur all the frames to stretch them to 30 (like a motion blur).

    In the US, we’re screwed at 29.97 fps for NTSC TV. That’s why I wish I could animate at 14.985 fps (half of 29.97). 15fps converted to NTSC for viewing on TV from a DVD means that one frame will get dropped every 1000 frames (probably not really a big deal, I guess).

    To answer the question, I tend to play back 8 frame walk cycles at 10fps, and most everything else at 15fps. (I can’t seem to master 12 frame walk cycles, too many frames inbetween studs, really slows things down.)

    I sometimes do test shots at 5fps (using a 4 frame walk cycle then). These test shots aren’t very smooth, but they give me a feel for how the timing of actions in a shot is going.

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 87 total)

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