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    “Alkami” wrote:

    Yep. I’m sure it;s wonderful. I’m also sure it takes about twice as long.

    Its not THAT hard. Shooting at 30 fps, Now that takes ages.
    Look, I’m what the people who frequently play online games refer to as a Newbie, and I now often animate at 25 fps now. Its amazing that some animators are or claim to be better than me have not yet given 25fps a try.

    May I post a link to one of your films?


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    For a while, I’ve used 20 FPS, then tried 24 FPS, then tried 15 FPS. I’m gonna experiment some more with all three :D !

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    I’m surprised that some people do 24fps, some 25fps. 24 makes sense if you’re doing a theatrical release. (Anyone? I wish there were, but I doubt it.) 25fps is probably great if you’re in Europe and want to convert your films to DVD or video tape (PAL TV standard is 25 fps). I think 25 makes little sense to use in the North America. I have no idea what would happen to a 25 fps video clip converted to NTSC DVD (~30fps). I’m not sure if it would duplicate 5 of the 25 frames to get it to 30, or if it would blend, blur all the frames to stretch them to 30 (like a motion blur).

    In the US, we’re screwed at 29.97 fps for NTSC TV. That’s why I wish I could animate at 14.985 fps (half of 29.97). 15fps converted to NTSC for viewing on TV from a DVD means that one frame will get dropped every 1000 frames (probably not really a big deal, I guess).

    To answer the question, I tend to play back 8 frame walk cycles at 10fps, and most everything else at 15fps. (I can’t seem to master 12 frame walk cycles, too many frames inbetween studs, really slows things down.)

    I sometimes do test shots at 5fps (using a 4 frame walk cycle then). These test shots aren’t very smooth, but they give me a feel for how the timing of actions in a shot is going.

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    I use 15fps. I wouldn’t use a higher frame rate. It takes too much work!

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    15FpS. It looks good and is ta’ easiest to use.

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    i shoot at 15 fps, but i used so many effects that sometimes it look like 30 fps. :mrgreen:

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    I just made a ninja fight test…

    I had to crank it up to 45 fps (4 seconds long after that!) to make it look realistic, although I would never attempt that in a one minute or higher film.

    Thats 1800 frames more than 15 fps for a one minute film!

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    I use 15fps with MonkeyJam(everyone uses mj)I’ve tried 24fps before, it just wasn’t easy enough for me, I should give it another shot. :)

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    i shoot at 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 fps.

    just kidding. 15

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    “meatloafmania12″ wrote: i shoot at 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 fps.

    just kidding. 15


    This means you 78 frames epos is about 0.00000007 seconds long? Working title: In a blink of an eye!

    cheers Arend

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