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    What’s your favorite FPS in capturing/editing brickfilms?

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    Most of the videos I’ve seen run their stop motion smoothly, which is a nice pace.

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    15 or so; it’s a little jerky, but if the animation is done well, it can be amazingly smooth without all the work of 20 or 30 fps.

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    Film is made 24FPS, the magic number they say. I wonder if it has the same effect with stop motion.

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    Most of the times i use 24 FPS. It is the best frame rate for walking and for other movements. But I once watched a behind the scenes video from ForestFire101 and he said that he uses 30 FPS for fighting scenes and stuff like that.

    But for nice looking and not that time consuming operations – 24 is the best. Or about 24
    There is a difference between 23,97, 24 and 25, but its quite small

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    I believe TV uses 30fps, that’s why it has a smoother effect than on movies. Could be the same for stop motion.

    I agree that 24fps is less time consuming!

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    TV shows are filmed in 48 fps, so it gives them that realistic look. All the movies go with 24 or 23,97 fps.
    I’m not really sure about news programs

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    15 FPS. I use that.

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    I sometimes change it for different films. Experiment and see what fits your film best :)

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