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    Great insights, you guys!

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    Josh Bloomer

    Forrestfire101 uses 15 FPS for his most recent videos, and it turns out very smooth.

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    No waaaaay, man, no way!

    It sounds like you’ve never tried doing it yourself in 15 fps.

    Forrest is definitely using framerate ABOVED 24 or like that.
    That’s why its so smooth

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    I use 15 fps.

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    R.D. Clemens

    I use 15 fps, with a little work it can be very smooth, takes a whole load less time than 24.

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    15 fps seems to be the most popular and time efficient!

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    ed pierce

    I’m still a newbie and I learned at 24 fps which I have heard is difficult but it’s really all I know so I don’t mind it at all and I have been told that my preliminary work doesn’t look amateur at all which is more of a compliment to the technology than my skill. :)

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    Anna C.

    24 fps is ideal, but since when I do that my hand feels like they’re falling out of my arms, I do 15 fps

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    Mark Mejia

    Some guys also shoot at 15fps and then convert to 24fps in post.

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    Anna C.

    Hi Mark. How can you convert 15 fps to 24 fps? Do some frames need to be repeated?

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