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    http://brickshelf.com/gallery/shorty-pr … team-x.avi

    this is my new movie it is obviously not finished but let me know just to let you also know i’m redoing it after on the quickcam pro 4000 so this pretty much a script thnx, corey

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    Bob Page

    unknown error :cry: what the?

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    It doesn’t work with Windows Media Player. And It only shows the first second on DivX. :(

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    Bob Page

    I tried with quicktime, it works for one frame and then it close itself :-x

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    any ideas how to fix it.., corey

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    well what software do you use to edit and create your movies?

    Maybe you have some weird codec

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    Maybe the upload went wrong. 215 kb for a 1:04 minute film (as windows claims) is just not right. The codec is Indeo Video 5, which should work with Windows Media Player.


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    The download went too quickly-the first sign that something is wrong.

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    well we use an intel digital movie creator to make our movies. We’re hoping to get the quickcam pro 4000 soon. It sucks though because it did the same thing on our last movie gangs of a city. I think I found out the problem. When we compressed it, it was still too big. I’m getting the idea it’s just the camera.

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    are we still talking to the same shorty productions?


    :?: :?

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