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    Night Owl

    I’m sure he does not. Sorry to be rude, but could you please use real English? ‘Tis the tradition ’round these places. Capitalization is a good place to start.



    Hope everything’s going ok. I don’t have time to follow it anymore but good luck.



    need voices, I can do a few pretty cool ones.



    Update: I have now passed management of this project over to Lord_Of_The_LEGO.



    As the new Project Coordinator and Director of The Divinity Project, I’m going to implement a few changes:

    This project is now on hiatus. has already one major community project, Super (coordinated by Lechnology), and two smaller community projects, Late To Work (coordinated by BertL), and The Day Crashed 2.0 (coordinated by myself). We don’t need another community project right now.

    All current members of this project are purged (everyone was inactive anyway). When it is time for this project to return, I will announce a new call for potential members.

    I will be conducting a careful examination of the script and perform possible rewrites, coordinated closely with Lechnology, who is still participating as primary writer and producer.

    As such, I am de-stickying this thread. I will post a new one when the time is correct.



    Gawd, I hate it when I spend hours and even days recording or whatever and then all of it gets thrown away… 😡



    Actually, it’s just on hiatus. Your recording will most likely still get used.



    Is there gonna be like, a new sound track of sounds created for this CP and others? Or are there gonna be ones which are already there used?


Viewing 8 posts - 11 through 18 (of 18 total)

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