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    Nick Durron

    “Lord_Of_The_LEGO” wrote: [quote=”Nick Durron”]multiple powers of flight, invisibility, and shape-shifting

    Please note you will have to apply some limitations on those powers, and probably more severe than others since you have multiple powers.[/quote]

    Yes, I was aware of that. I’m trying to think of something good. It could be that water or excessive moisture in the air can stop me, but this is basically the same with Sandman. If you have any ideas, please tell me.

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    Squash, I need confirmation of the power you chosed.

    Nick: to keep this thread business related, see my answer in the concept thread.

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    Ok, confirm me for elasticity.
    EDIT: Do we need to sign up to the writers forum, to stay informed about the plot?

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    I have finally decided that I will not be a part of this project.

    I feel that I am not worthy to be a part of what I feel will be a great film, until I improve my overall brickfilming skills. If I were to participate in this project, I would probably be sending mediocre clips, ones not worthy to be among the great brickfilmers who have enlisted in this project.

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    Munz, all right, but if you still wish to contribute to the project, feel free to let me or the producers know.

    Squash, feel free to, however, only writers get access to the writer’s forum and producers the Production Forum.

    By the way, those who have signed up to the forum that I haven’t assigned a positioned to (i.e. not a writer nor a producer) let me what purpose you have for joining (like if you want to be part of the writer’s group).

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    I’d like to help out with writing. Are you still looking for writers?

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    There can never be enough writers, join the private forum.

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    I think I’m going with psychokinesis and the ability to create forcefields.

    It’s rather self explanatory, I make a forcefield with psychic abilities, and attack stuff with it. I’m also able to control things that are within a forcefield of mine. However, it takes a tremendous amount of my energy, and if I overdo it, I become fatigued and have to sit out for a bit to regenerate.

    -MindGame, feeling like he’s in 3rd grade again.

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    I’ve joined the forum, could you add me to the writers group?

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