Project Super (Sign ups Closed, visit Super Universe thread)

Plotline: What if one day you woke up with special abilities? What would you do?

Plot points:
  • A natural event occurs, granting a number of characters special powers overnight. Whatever grants them power isn't the focus of the project.[/*]
  • The characters each discover their powers the next day and each test and/or utilizes their power within the animator's realm (house, neighbor, basically not affecting the bigger world).[/*]
  • One character (technopathy) has trouble controlling his/her powers and accidentally makes an A.I. self-awareness. The A.I. takes over all electronics.[/*]
  • All the characters are linked together by news reports of robots attacking both in major cities and within their own realms.[/*]
  • One character (Reality Warping) joins the A.I. and uses his powers to improve the Robots.[/*]
  • Each of the characters fight off and defeat the robots attack using their powers. How they succeed is up to the animator (be it due to mastering their abilities or by shear dumb luck).[/*]
  • After defeating the robots in their realm, a select number of characters (five is the current number) decide to venture to the place where the robots are coming from. Eventually, these select few will come together in a scene to battle the bigger, bad robots.[/*]
  • The conflict ends with the technopathic character responsible for the chaos shuts off the A.I. and the Reality Warping character is defeated.[/*]
Questions subscene animators should ask themselves:
  1. How does my character discover his/her powers?[/*]
  2. How does he/she utilize his/her powers within the realm your character is in?[/*]
  3. What does your character do to defeat the robots attacking his/her home?[/*]
Questions for resourceful animators:
  1. Do you have what it takes to bring your character into the big scenes?[/*]
  2. Are you welling to animate other animators’ character?[/*]
Subscene Animators
rstudios confirmed
White confirmed
Mess de la Fritz confirmed
Munzapoppa Mini Movies confirmed
NickMOC confirmed
TwoBit confirmed
High Tower unconfirmed
TwickABros confirmed
jay confirmed
Littlebrick confirmed
bluejeansummer confirmed
Night Owl unconfirmed
Dave confirmed

Main Animators
Lord_Of_The_LEGO confirmed
Nick Durron confirmed
MindGame confirmed
Matt Gillan confirmed
Littlebrick confirmed

List of Powers and who has dibs:
  • Telekinesis (Lord_Of_The_LEGO) confirmed
    Metal Phasing (Gray Scale) Availability Pending
    Reality Warping (Nick Durron) confirmed
    Illusions and Energy Sourcing (Littlebrick) confirmed
    Mind Control (rstudios) confirmed
    Teleportation (White) confirmed
    Technopathy (bluejeansummer) confirmed
    Pyschokinesis - Force field (MindGame) confirmed
    Shapeshifting - Zoological specification (Night Owl) confirmed
    Superhuman reflexes (Matt Gillan) confirmed
    Time manipulation (Mess de la Fritz) confirmed
    Flight (Munzapoppa Mini Movies) confirmed
    Air/Wind Manipulation (NickMOC) confirmed
    Magnetism (TwoBit) confirmed
    Invisibility (High Tower) confirmed
    Super speeed (jay) confirmed
    Super Strength (TwickABros) confirmed
    Sound manipulation (Dave confirmed
Here's a list of other powers you can consider.

Telepath, pyrokinesis, the ability generate small globular packets of electricity and ability to shoot out fireworks (propelled packets of explosive energy) are taken by certain fictional characters we've developed.

Film Brain
Nick Durron
Night Owl

Assistant producers

Casting Director

Visual effects Artist/Supervisors
Nick Durron confirmed
Super Cameraman confirmed
atrglock confirmed
Amped confirmed
Kyle confirmed
Smeagol confirmed

Set Design:
Matt Gillan

The Duke
LegosJedi unconfirmed

Writers, contributors, etc., this is your forum. Join and I'll add you to the private writers group. And please, while you are developing the details and script of this project, try to remain within the plot points I've made.

Assistant producers, start keeping track of activities recording the project and update this thread frequently with any changes. Also, sign up on the private forum the writers are in and I'll assign you to the Production Forum. There you can post additional updates.

Animators, please confirm what position you want (subscene or main) and confirm that you are committing to this project.

Remember, this is an Official Community Project so I expect above average animation and quality from you. If you can't meet that demand, this is not the project for you. Take a look at the main animator's own work as well as some of the noteworthy subscene animators like Gray Scale. If your level of animation skills, ability, and picture quality aren't close to the same range as the main animators, then you should really think about whether or not you can meet my demands.

We, the editors, reserve the right to reject submissions if they don't meet our standards.

Everyone else, this is an official business thread. You may sign up for positions here. All concept related questions and comments should go into the Concept thread.