Project: The Kyber Crystal – CLOSED

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Before I introduce this idea for a Community Project to you, I would like to say:
I know that there are a lot of community projects being run now, but I want to introduce this project. If it takes years to make, I don't mind.
Of course this means that you can all still take part in the other cp's and contests because this project might not getting to it's filming stage for a long time, obviously.

Now then:

The Kyber Crystal:

The Kyber Crystal is a film that had been scritped in August 2007 by myself.
The film to this date, April 25th 2008, has only gotten to six minutes in length. A few days a go, I decided that this could make a good film that a lot of animators from different communities such as and

The goal of this project is to make a reasonable long brickfilm that involves not only the animator as the director, but a cast of animators, cinematographers, composers, voice-actors etc.
The project will have the same script and such as I wrote but it will involve more people if they're interested, hopefully.

I have told about that I was going to introduce this to some people who are interested in taking part in this project already; NickMOC and Timothy__Ratner.

Currently, we have NickMOC as a cinematographer and a Storyboard artist, Timothy__Ratner, who is using a program created by NickMOC called "Storyboard Artist".

I want this to be an official Community Project so the sounds, music, background chroma key images etc. will not be allowed if the material is copy-righted. You must use your own or someone who is in the project if you have got permission from him/her.
Also, I want good animation from you with no set bumps and good cinematography, our cinematographers will help you on cinematography (NickMOC) if you think you are no good. Even if you can't perfect it, try.

The background story of the film:

This background story here is not in the film (though it shows a small bit at the start) and is just here to explain to you about the crystal as it is needed to understand fully the story

The Kyber Crystal is a VERY powerful object to have in your possession. It can heal your injuries, create tornadoes, burn a hole in the wall, nearly anything that can be destructive.
A scientist who is not a favorite of anyone in the area of where he lives created the Kyber Crystal after a long time and then went down in history for it. Though he was never seen again after he created the Kyber Crystal, it had create a wind that destroyed his lab and he was never see again, but he was not dead.
The Kyber Crystal had been in the museum very well protected and many would want their hands on it.

The film's basic story:

A thief named Pablo Skrodenis plans to steal this crystal from the museum with his partner Susan. His plan fails for the first time. Though, from preventing being arrested, he replaces his I.D (wallet) with a random man's walet in the city called Kyle Busteed (our main character) that he "accidentally" drops while trying to steal the crystal so the police find it and try to arrest the man.

So, Pablo tries to get Kyle to help him on a mission in getting the crystal after training him in fighting for nearly a year.

That is the basic story for the kyber crystal. I hope you people are interested in this.

So, I shall be updating this frequently and be seeking animators, composers and foley artists if this project brings interest to some people.

I welcome questions, concerns, commends etc.

Thank you.