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    There have been several threads recently about the increasing problem of plagiarism on video sharing sites such as youtube and on the wider web. This effects us all. Many of us have neither the time nor the patients to trawl the web to find these pretenders or the know how to deal with them if we find our work has been illegally reproduced.

    It seems to me that the most effective way to deal with this problem would be to appoint a minister who would have the above criteria and skills, and could report plagiarists to the relevant people (e.g. administrators/users of the website(s) in question) and unsure that our work justly credited to us. Members of brickfilms who discover that their work or the work of fellow brickfilmers has been stolen could report it to the minister or any deputies they may wish to appoint, so that he/she can proceed to take action against the plagiarist(s).

    Should this position come into effect, we would be looking for someone with excellent communication skills and patients, and the ability to represent our community in the wider web. This person should also be an established member of the community who we could all comfortably talk to.

    Any coments or ideas?

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    Hmm. I’d much rather see a Minister of Foreign Affairs, then. Someone who will not only handle with plagiarism but someone who connects with other websites in general for getting more co-operation and attention to brickfilms.

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    RP Hoogle

    I like Bert’s idea that it shouldn’t just be about film robbers. But they will have to be rules of a stolen film. If they haven’t said they made it but haven’t stated who did then they can ask who made it. If they reply with an obvious lie then we can alert the owner of the film to fill out a DCMA form. If for some reason the owner can’t be contacted we maybe could see if there is a way to fill out a DCMA on behalf of someone. Also we can simply ask the person to take it down or state they never made it. Also another idea is that this isn’t an official Minister as the site could be critisized for there actions. Since this affects the outside world I think we should be very careful.

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    Rather than create a new ministry, perhaps this responsibility can be given to the minister of broadcasting, as he is already involved in publishing brickfilms via Youtube. Youtube has the ability to establish an account for people who have a lot of films on Youtube being stolen to make DCMA accounts easier. We could establish a central account for all complaints to go through.


    True. I figured Pierre had enough on his plate, but this is certainly one way to go about it. He could always appoint an assistant for the said role.

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    An Old Ore

    The fine line to walk is to make sure that:

    • the claimant is the rightful director (fairly easy to establish around here)[/*]
    • it is clear that is speaking on behalf of the director, and does not own the copyright directly.[/*]
    • it is the responsibility of the director or finder of stolen film to supply details to the Minister, rather than the Minister having to go looking for the violations.[/*]

    Other than that, BertL’s and RevMen’s ideas seem to be right on the money.

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    Mr. Less

    Well, first we would need a minister of Broadcasting.

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    I don’t see why we can’t leave this in the hands of the vigilantes. I don’t think more bureaucracy is necessary.


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