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    SOTW made his post before I made mine. I wouldn’t say he caused me to do it, but he helped. 😀 No worries, strongest.

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    Shootin Bricks

    OK, I guess I misunderstood the whole scenario here.
    I was thinking of this in terms of feedback, where you guys are going at it in terms of providing information to people looking for a film to watch.
    I guess it should probably be both, but we seem to be on opposing ends of the spectrum.
    I also thought that the reviews would be more diverse- I suppose there’s nothing stopping the average joe from putting his/her review on the forum…

    Now, to try and answer Josh’s original question-
    Since you don’t want an ‘overall’ rating, how about a ‘worth the download’?
    That seems to get to the heart of it…

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    I always felt like when one of my films got a ‘worth the download’ on its review from Hali I would have accomplished my goal as a filmmaker…

    I would love for a rating like that.

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    How bout:

    Technical(the basics, animation, lighting, stuff like that-done well)
    Character driven(having memorable characters)
    Audio(though maybe this could go with Technical)
    New Films(first films, anything good could perhaps be in another category
    as well)

    Too be honest, I dont know how well categorizing them like this might work. It would be a major headache classifying some films. Maybe having these classifications with only a select few films representing that trait could be used as a way to show newer filmers good examples of all that stuff. Then for all the films, divide them into categories like : humor, sci-fi, adventure, and so on. (Bear with me on this, I dont know how one would make this thing, im not a computer genius). Then when each film is given an initial review, you could have certain terms applied for good parts (technical, plot, audio, and so on). So then you have a search form that looks like:

    Genre:_______________(humor,sci-fi,adventure and so forth)
    Description:_____________(technical, audio,plot, and so forth)

    Keep in mind the form would have more than that but thats the gist of it. Each film could have more than one “description” so that a search for “humor” with “technical” and “plot” comes up with any film that is meant to be humorous, is well animated and cleanly presented, and has a good story. The genre is of course defined by the filmer(and the film itself really) but the descriptions are determined when the films are reviewed by Hali and the other 5 reviewers(or how ever many you were going to have). you could then add a numerical rating system or leave it as is(so you wont know a bad film unless you read the review and decide if its worth watching as sometimes numbers can be misleading). but you could have a rating scale like:

    40%- overall enjoyability(fun to watch)
    5%- file size(lol)

    Just my thoughts.

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    Shootin Bricks

    OK- I get what your saying. I don’t know if this is the same, but how about ‘MOST DOWNLOADED’, or little icons to indicate the more popular downloads…


    How about a “100 views” or sumthin like that. i don’t think identifying the most downloaded is necessary. But hey, gotta do what ya gotta do.

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    Is there an option to submit a film and have ratings and reviews switched off?
    And can members “edit” their film pages? Can we switch reviews/ratings off?
    (woo.. finished my GCSEs – A lot more time online)

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    The director will be able to edit his film page, change his comments or whatever. I don’t think I’ll want to add the ability to opt out of reviews. I think that would encourage people to submit things that they didn’t feel were representative of what they are capable of.

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    Brian of Gep

    I think RevMen has got it all down here,
    with his qualified advisors. :)

    But my advice to whoever does end up rating films…
    never give a perfect rating.


    Some films just may seem to be the best ever…
    But when one better comes out, you won’t be able to give it a higher rating.

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    But setting that restriction just means you get the same bottleneck at 9/10. There’s no easy answer to this one, other than to be sparing with full marks.

    It’s all about callibration. Here in the UK, most computer games mags treat 80% as the lowest mark you’d give to a game unless it’s actually physically unplayable. However, we have one games mag called Edge, which treats 5/10 as an average mark. Anything with 6/10 or more is worth playing, but I think only about 1 game every couple of years gets 10/10. Those are the “must haves” – Doom, Mario 64, Halo, etc.

    For my money, the only brickfilm I’ve seen that would get 9/10 is ROTE, which is almost, but not quite, perfect. I have yet to see a 10, but when I do, I won’t hesitate to give it full marks.

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